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Almost certainly Australia.


I knew you’d be trouble, Gus. :angry:
Original posting amended.


You and I are going to fall out good and proper one of these days, Useders. I was prepared to overlook the carpet gag, but am in the process of revising my opinion.


I do very good “fall outs,” Gus. I’ve had a lot of experience on various forums. Please let me know when you have started… I’d hate to miss it.


Oh, you won’t not notice, I can promise you that, you airborne (as previously remarked) lout…


What about Australian MPs? (OK - Members of the House of Representatives / Senators)


But are they not Australians - and already included?


Ah - I misunderstood! Excluded from count because taken as a given. Apologies.



Particularly fine offering, I thought.


I like the ending… “(Or at least we think he did.)”


I very much liked the Rodeo bloke’s concern for his bucking bronco and the "extra squirt of WD40 in the joints as he’s getting on a bit.’

(Hmm, wonder if he does house calls… )


Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without it…


Another good one, isn’t it!



They are certainly the twenty questions many of the listeners would like to have answers, but feel fairly sure are not going to be mentioned again – possibly apart from Christine’s Rhine Cruise, which I suspect won’t happen now Matt is in hospital.


Phew. Was very sad when this didn’t appear yesterday


Worth the wait, wasn’t it? Loved Harrison’s account of the investigation and Auntie Satya is always a joy. She has Ian’s number all right!



It’s always good but this is a really good’un!