Minor ache creaks and injury sympathy thread

This is where we can sympathies may be garnered for such things as a paper cut or what I have now which is an 'orrible hack on the sole of the heel of mu right trotter

It hurts and Eliza’s famed paper towels elseboard are bugga all use

Whinge moan groan

et cetera


Does anyone else get small bits of the skin beside their fingernails which come away from under the nail, stick out, and then hurt every time they catch on something (as it might be your jumper, or the edge of anything at all)? You know that trying to cut them off won’t work, just leave a smaller bit sticking out, and you know that trying to pull them off will be agonising…

Even more to the point, has anyone ever noticed what happens to them in the end, and how long they take to do whatever it is?

Yours with not just one but two of the damn things at the moment.


Agnails. Sore. Soak to soften, then cut or bite off.

Deep split in lower lip.


Sympathy to both of you

Hag nails are horrible but avoidable if we are good and push back our cuticles every night before appling handcream

As if we would waste valuable drinking time like that

Vaseline on the lips helps soften the scab on the hack

Meantime vodka and gin are good antiseptics

Join me in a libation?


A small vodka and vaseline is an idea. Not a very good one, but definitely an idea…

Heavy-duty moisturiser, esp hemp-based, for the heels, and cotton socks overnight.


Thank you limpet

I meant you to apply the vaseline then drink the vodka!


Nail clippers are handy for this - you can cut them right bak to the base without risk of ripping them back further.


Small so that you don’t lose too much when the glass slips from Vaselined fingers.


Joe you hold the glass in the OTHER hand to the one you vaseline your lips with


Nail clippers are fine for nails but not a lot of use for the skin at the side of the nail, which is in the dip between the side of the nail and the pad of the finger. You can’t get at it with them.


I just use nail scissors, turned convex side to the workpiece.


Yes, I pointed out that doesn’t work because it is not possible to get them into that gap.

“You know that trying to cut them off won’t work, just leave a smaller bit sticking out”


Possibly posh bronze embroidery scissors wot someone got on an outing would work

IF someone would lend her stork to anyone!


I find I’m able to squeeze the fingertip into a slightly different shape to get better cutting access.


Ah - we’re talking about two different things. What I tend to get is a flap of skin next to the nail - as if you’d taken a razor blade and sliced parallel to the nail almost to the point of drawing blood. It catches on everything - sleeves, pockets, gloves…

And I do know what you’re talking about - extremely irritating, and apparently created for the sole purpose of causing a deep-rooted infection that manifests as a hot, red, throbbing swelling. Very nasty.


Hot red swelling where a bit of Fishly anatomy is irritating our Fish is called a whitlow

UU housekeeper anyone?


No, it isn’t. I do know what a whitlow is, and if I had meant one I would have said that was what it is. Or rather, they are.

This is a small spike of hard skin sticking out between nail and flesh, too short to cut off and long enough to catch on things and hurt. No infection is involved (unless I were stupid enough to pull it off and make a hole, which might then become infected.)


This is exactly what yer bee did, a few days ago. It has healed, now, but I do not recommend this course of action.

Soo xx


You have my sympathy, Soo. That was what I did last time, recently enough to have remembered and restrained myself just in time as I caught myself trying to catch one of them in my teeth…


You won’t like this, wee Bee, but one way of dealing with them is to soak in hottish water until everything has softened up and then use a needle to pull the little spur onto the nail side and poke at its base to perforate/weaken it until it detaches. Needle should be meeting nail, not flesh. Obviously.