Now THAT bit of shoutiness…

…was entirely justified. And long overdue.

What next—Robert to tell Lynda where to put her panto script? (AI is evidently rapidly developing: spillchuck wants to write “pants”.)


When you think about it, what he said should be enough to torpedo that marriage. Hurrah! Not that I give a stuff about Neil (not that I ever gave much of a one) since his dogfight-abetting days. But anything that erodes confidence and supply to Emmur is good, and her parents’ marriage foundering messily would tend toward that result.

More teeth and more and harder gnashing. Please.


I was with Neil up to the point he said that there was a reason Susan was always the last to know thing. Is she? If so, I haven’t noticed. All right, I suppose people in Ambridge know better than to tell her anything they don’t want broadcast to all and sundry, but Neil was using that reasoning to explain why Emma hadn’t even told her mother she was having a garage sale.

Also, would she really go spreading it about that Ed had been involved in something illegal? She’d be more likely to keep it quiet for fear of the gossip harming her reputation, not to mention the impact on Emma and the grandchildren. It’s bad enough having to live down being born a Horrobin and being related by marriage to the Grundys, not to mention her own criminal record.


Of course she would; anything to deflect any blame attaching to Emma—and by association herself.

Poor Susan—to have one set of in-laws involved in illegal* chemical dumping may be regarded as a misfortune…

*Even if only retrospectively


I really don’t think she would. She’d know that people would be bound to assign some blame to Emma, speculating that they bet she knew about it, that she must have noticed something was up and so on. And knowing Emma, I bet they’d also say that she’d pushed him into it. Which she did.

That’s what Susan would be saying if it concerned someone else’s daughter, at any rate, and I’m sure she’s not the only one in the village apt to speculate spitefully. How about Hannah? She’d have a word or two to say, I’ll be bound!

P.S. A ‘snork’ for your last sentence, joe. Poor Susan, she is surrounded by ex-con family members, isn’t she, besides being one herself. How many are there who have been prosecuted one way or another? Brian, Susan, Clive, Keef, Eddie (meat), Alf Grundy … any more? Then there are the multiple transgressions of the Grundys that have not been reported such as poaching and shooting a dog.

Any more?


But Susan is both spiteful enough and stressed enough - particularly after the exchange with Neil - not to think about any of that until it is too late.

I hope

Maximum harm and hurt for Grundys and Carters both, please.


Funnily enough I dislike the more apparently virtuous Clarrie than I do Susan so I’d prefer it if Neil has managed to stop her in her tracks.

Besides, if there is a limited amount of misfortune and unhappiness to spread around in Ambridge, and surely there has to be even in these parlous times, then I want some kept in reserve for those on my personal Hate List.


The trouble is that Clarrie ceased to be a three-dimensional character when Mk I was reintroduced; she is now “stock yokel imbecile”. In fact I don’t find myself engaging with any of the characters now, so poor is the writing.


…wiv knobs on, if you please!!!


Ideally a bit of overturning farm machinery, but I’m not picky.