On the Juke-Box Today




Like. Like bigly. Thank you Hedgers.


Is it quite metal enough though?


And throwing a few more genres into the mix…


Thank you for that one, joe. Addictive stuff.


I like the Tanzwut, but a lot of it comes over as Fairport Convention carried to extremes.


Now that is metallic. Language aside, the vocal bits sound an awful lot like Flogging Molly to me, mind


Everything is like something in the end. On the train today I was musing on the limited supply of basic faces that there are. Buggrit, that there is. Tonight, you see, I am gong bonkers before talking to the Ma rather than after. See you all on The Other Side (she is bothering Scotland at the moment: The Sniff at the Loch, sort of thing).


Today I rediscovered Stevie Winwood.

I also listened to some outstanding blues based on African Slave music … rather loudly … with the Windows open … while the workmen worked away on the drive. A good job they’re doing too.


… and today, whilst driving an hour e/w to see the mothership I rediscovered Sadé.

Then Little Feat.

The car has both 3 USB ports AND a hard drive (load onto it via the ports if you so wish … & I so wished). Do I’ve piled all sorts of stuff on it.

I’m enjoying the hexperience.


Not on the ‘jukebox’ as such but on R3. Walked into the room where the radio was burbling innocently to itself just as this began.

Now it is something I love and which has significant associations, but it is also apt for this warm weather we unaccountably seem to be having.


Rather more couth than The Hums of the Lovin’ Spoonful, which I had playing for its last track, “Summer in the City”!


‘Couth’ doesn’t figure. I might just have a listen to SitC just now, was quacking it to self at some point earlier, in fact.
But Leontyne Price - ahhhhhhhhhhh. A wonderful and instantly recognisable voice*.

*not in TA, then, eh?


Knoxville is glorious. Dover Beach is another gem; there’s a recording sung by Barber himself which I’ve been trying to track down (sporadically) for years - must give it another go…


Isn’t it just. Have not encountered the version with Barber his ain self. If you find it accessibly (which I doubt you will, linkably I mean) , please let me know


And I’ve found it! CD also includes the Capricorn Concerto, featuring Julius Baker as one of the soloists. Baker was principal flute of the NYPO for years, and taught Robert Dick, whom I mentioned elsethread. A few years ago, I had a couple of lessons from Robert - so a nice little thread linking back to those recordings :slight_smile:


And after a bit more digging…


Grateful thanks*, joe. A time capsule in more ways than one.
*And a bloodhound badge if such would be acceptable.


You know how hot it gets
In Mississippi
You know how dry it gets
In the summer sun
The dust-clouds swirl
All down the delta
I just hope that I don’t die before the harvest comes


I should thank you. As I said, every now and again I remembered about trying to find it, having heard just the opening on a R3 programme many moons ago. You reminded me and I now - finally - have it downloaded