On the Juke-Box Today


I suspect between us we have a broad and eclectic taste in music which ventures some way past Westlife and Snoop-Dog.

I’m very much into Blues music, and have an extensive gathering of the stuff. Due to cheap downloads I have much I’ve never listened to.

Today I played an album by that prodigeous performer, Various Artists. Its called “Shout, Sister, Shout” and is a tribute, by very good Blues/Gospel artists, to the work of Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Very good it is too … the opening track especially “It Ain’t No-bodies Fault But Mine” by Joan Osbourne.

I’m open to other ideas (except Jazz).


Define “jazz”…


There’s jazz that’s made for a crowd to dance to, and there’s jazz that’s made so the people doing it can think how cool and abstruse they are 'cos nobody Gets them.

I’m in camp A. Temperance Seven, Pasadena Roof Orchestra, Reinhardt, Grappelli, some of the early Bix… but later on someone told Bix he was a Serious Musician, and I have a recording from the 50s where he’s just noodling randomly for half an hour with no kind of tune or progress or anything.


If I could do that I’d be employed very handsomely indeed.

I see it (hear it ?) as the technical version of music which comes from the brain, whereas Blues comes from the heart/soul. More likely to have musical virtuosity which, for me, overtakes the event too often.

Michael Bublé is Jazz, Sinatra was Jazz, John Coltrane was Jazz.


All Bix is early Bix, Hedgers, because he died at the age of 28 in 1931 after having first been recorded in 1924; either you are thinking of someone else, or you’ve got a recording made before 1931 which was re-released.

And I don’t think he ever went in for meaningless noodling about.


Unless James Bolam is involved in the Affair.


Yer right, Fishers, it’s early vs late Duke I was thinking of.


I rate all Bix, on the whole; I also like the lesser-known Berrigan. But I don’t see that means I can’t also rate Lady Day and Lady Ella.

Meanwhile and as a result of this thread I am now listening to The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band’s Gorilla, track 6, “Jazz, Delicious Hot Disgusting Cold”, which still makes me laugh aloud.


Today, I’m rediscovering a relatively unknown 1974 album by Dory Previn, “Mythical Kings & Iguanas”. I have always liked it, but forgotten how much.

… & my, what a depressive Doris Preview was.


Yes, but at least we all get to benefit from it.

This morning, quite a lot of Kasabian, Decemberists and Muse. I was in that sort of mood.


We are the children of coincidence; I too was listening to “Mythical Kings & Iguanas”, but yesterday rather than today.

At the moment it is the soundtrack of a Fascinating Aida video.


[quote=“Fanta, post:11, topic:431”]
We are the children of coincidence; I too was listening to “Mythical Kings & Iguanas”
[/quote]Wow. Properly amazing.

Not Jazz, of course. More female Leonard Cohen.


Only with a better voice, and I think more sense of humour.


I have moved on to Norwegian Mood, the 2000 album by Kari Bremnes.


Well, if we’re going to go all esoteric and Scandanavian I yesterday downloaded an album by a Faroe Islands lady, Eivør Palsdottir, called ‘Slør’ … and very good it is too, if that’s your sort of thing.

So there.

Lot’s of wailing and drums.


'Tisn’t esoteric, and it’s in English.


I think her wailin’s in English to be fair.


I was put onto Garmarna (Swedish folk/rock) by their Hildegard von Bingen album. And then one drifts across into Triakel (Swedish folk), and before you know it it’s heavy metal bagpipes.

What, you don’t believe in heavy metal bagpipes? Tanzwut, mate. Tanzwut.


I noticed you sticking up a couple of Dory P links elsewhere the other day. Children of coincidence indeed, three of us, because that same day en route back, I had found myself sitting on a train with bits of MK & I happening in my head.


I am more than ready to believe in heavy metal bagpipes. Lead me to 'em!