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That is a very splendid thing, Sparrer.


There’s barely a title there that doesn’t beckon one in, in a bad, bad way. There doesn’t seem to be an empticon for ‘unholy glee’ so you will have to make do with this bicorn blackcurrant :smiling_imp:


Interesting tune though, Dunnock, which really helps with Christmas carols



The John Foster setting - a chance to plug my all-time favourite Christmas album: Tavener Consort / Andrew Parrott. Nothing is quite what you expect and every track is a gem



We sang that with the choir at Mr C’s last school - Mount St Mary’s College at Spinkhill

Across the border, in South Yorkshire, there are a few villages where their own ancient versions of carols are still sung- someone I used to work with made a ‘pilgrimage’ to Bolsterstones every year



Foster was from Chapeltown, so that setting would be well known locally. Not that ancient, though - he was a contemporary of Beethoven. That tune - and arrangement - was originally a setting of Psalm 147.


There’s Ancient & ancient in South Yorkshire, Joe… :wink:



True, but given that the text of While Shepherds Watched… was published in 1703 and the tune about a century later it’s positively modern, when you consider the York Mysteries date back to the mid-C14


I went to see those many moons ago, Joe

God was having a smoke behind a rock before it started…



In the late sixties I saw those once, in the Abbey ruins. Or at least, I saw that part of them which was done that year, which included the Crucifixion.

Some years later a friend of mine played the Devil, and later married someone who played the Angel.


Let there be a light…


[quote=“joe, post:108, topic:431”]The York Mysteries[/quote]I saw them about 6 years ago whilst #2 son was at Uni there. It began in really hot, bright sunshine & which turned, appropriately, to a complete deluge of rain during the Noah scenes.

The band, to their credit, played on. The sun returned and we all steamed merrily.

It was interesting, well worked but I have to say I knew the story so it was spoiler city throughout.


I still remember that after Christ had been lowered from the cross and taken for burial, the strips of cloth they used to lower him with were left hanging on the cross, and throughout the harrowing of hell and resurrection they flapped slowly and mournfully in a slight breeze that came up as the sun went down. Very eerie.


< emotional sniffing > I’d like to dedicate this one to Soo. And joe.


I’ve tried to like Zappa, I really have, but to no avail. He’s no “Half Man, Half Biscuit”…


I don’t know what to say?

Sad day when he left us.

Have you tried 'Hot Rats’
or ‘One Size Fits All’?


Keep trying, dere. How about Joe’s Garage? I defy you not to like Zappa after that.




Joe’s Garage - Yes!


At the moment I have playing Max Raabe & Das Palast Orchester

The explanation is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msYK1YFhL74

and the one which cheers me up: