On the Juke-Box Today


I tried Hot Rats many moons ago. I shall re-listen to it … & these others but he is a blind spot to me. Just as are King Crimson (the utterly marvellous ‘Court of the Crimson King’ … God bless it … apart).

Nor can I ever EVER ‘get’ Jeff Beck. I have spent days of my life trying to persuade myself but it never happens.

But I WILL give it another go. Honest.




We definitely need a bit more good old-fashioned romance…


you sure about that? nah… < gus grins despite general Gusliness >


This popped up at some ungodly hour recently (which is appropriate enough, it being a Nocturnal and all). Can’t find a full Bream version, sadly. But, enjoy

And here is JB


One for Armers:

So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?

Excellent Joe. Thank you.

A vg friend from Uni was the legal manager for Fun Boy Three and Bananarama. He called me once at some ungodly hour with the immortal line of “you’ll never guess where I am !”

Which, of course, I couldn’t.

He was on an infeasibly high floor of some Manhatten hotel on a joint tour with the 2 groups and which point they all bellowed “Hi Martin !!!”. He then insisted I jumped a plane that very day and join them … followed by various of them coming to the phone imploring me.

It was a very odd, but delightful, experience & I suspect drink and chemicals were involved.


Feral Techie used to run the web sites for S Club 7 and Westlife. Not quite the same thing…


The Biog by Barry Miles is good. I might re-read it or try this one … book


Oooh I dunno. Rachel Stevens would have got my attention.



I tried … again. But sorry. Does nothing for me. At all.

Cleary it’s me missing out, but it comes over as very competent, risqué, musical theatre. Someone being deliberately clever & showing off.

Be gentle with me.


Why, what makes you think we are going to make weasels rip your flesh?


[sound of reversing pantechnicon]

'Ere, guv, got a load of rabid flesh-ripping weasels 'ere, where d’you want 'em?

And to stay on-topic:


Well … SOME of you are going to be Catholuc Girls, aren’t you !!


That is reasonably horrible.


Continuing the theme of ‘reasonably horrible’ (some might say) and prompted by Armers’ mention elsethread of Mulllingar it is my duty and privilege to provide this:


For a horrible moment, I thought you were going to inflict Joe Dolan on us


No one’s upset me to that extent. Yet.


Some times I worry more than I do at other times.


Astonishing. Thank you.

I was wondering where Mullingar came into it.