On the Juke-Box Today


Good, innit. Mullingar mentioned at the very end

‘He runs a bit like Shergar and he jumps like Tir Na Nog; he looks like Billie Piper after half an ounce of coke’ - genius


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at the very end
[/quote]I know !!




thasswottitsez, Ditzers, in the lyrics - "half an ounce of coke’


ah now I see - just phoning my dealer…


At the risk of publishing a libel, I think the individual referenced in the lyrics might have built up to it a bit gradual, put in the training, etc. Don’t go overdoing it now.


Just because. Because it is - ah, listen for yourselves.


My word Gus.


Wonderful. There’s really only one way to follow that:


Shivers up the spine…



I defy your faces not to crack slightly at this. And it does have the virtue also of not being seasonal.

PS, I am pretty sure that photie is not of yer actual Strand, but hey, who’s checking…

PS buggrit, it might be. But I refer my learned friends to the above


Ah yes, Grainger. Pianist*, composer, folk song collector and sadomasochist.

*Grieg’s favoured interpreter of his piano concerto


*And all-round good chap, with an ability to entertain and create suspense with a simple cricket ball. I’d sooner hear him at the piano, mind…

I have a very soft spot for PG. And I cannot find a link to what I want to, so I shall go back to scrubbing the kitchen floor old-fashionedly and warble The Lord Maxwell’s Goodnight to myself the while. If I judge it right the discordance should dislodge a lot of grime irrespective of the power I put behind the brush ;- )


Ar, Gus. 'Tis the power be’ind the brush as does it.


You daft bat, Janie. It is not a chimney. And I have not reached a sufficient degree of onionisation to aspire to Puffetdom. Me leopardskin scarf did flap down into the mucky water though, which gave an authentic proper char-lady feel to the whole enterprise. A proper char lady would have made a better job, but I must say, things are much improved. Original boards off which the varnish has worn, so one has to scrub along the grain to dislodge the kind of grime a kitchen generates. Lovely. Several bucketsful of filthy water later…

Now I do not expect anyone to follow the train of thought which brings me to this, and I would be rather worried if you did. But here you go:



And the train of thought here might be somewhat easier to spot and note down in yer wee book as it pulls in


I much enjoy Blind Willie (“He had a lot of problems did Willie” … quote Mike Harding). Thanks for this one.

I looked up Lord Maxwell too.


Interesting, Armers. That is the same song, but at the same time so very different… Grainger’s estate seem to be all over it, though, I can’t find a version to link you to.

They drank the wine they didnae spare
Not in that guid lord’s sight-o
Sae now he’s o’er the flude sae grey
And Lord Maxwell’s tae’en his goodnight-o.


Oh … & Gus. This most certainly is The Strand. The North side moving from Charing Cross to Fleet Street.

It reminded me of national pay negotiations I ran for many years using the entirely underwhelming Strand Palace hotel.

There I learnt that boys will be boys no matter how old they get when 2 of our business directors met up and, well put simply, ‘misbehaved’ during the frequent adjournments.

The most notable moment when one dangled the others jacket from a 2nd floor window threatening to drop it on the street below. … and then actually doing so. Except it didn’t land on the pavement but on the roof of a double decker bus heading east. Never to be seen again. His rail ticket, car keys and wallet were in it. All they could do was laugh like drains.

Bless 'em.


Just don’t read some of his letters, unless you have a pretty strong constitution. IIRC it was the late Michael Oliver, reviewing them in Gramophone, who said he had to bookmark one particular passage in case he accidentally opened at that page.