On the Juke-Box Today


Thanks, Armers. Ashes and Diamonds now playing, with the knowledge that No Man’s Land/Flowers of the Forest always makes me weep.


You could have played some Mike Harding instead.


I could, but I didn’t.

Out in the car I was listening to Julian Dawson; not this particular track, but there is very little of his on YouTube…


I suppose someone has to post a Christmas song… (Definitely NSFW!!)


And this one isn’t bad.


Christmas greetings from Gus x


I’m sure I’ve posted this before, but who cares? https://youtu.be/yR94CiqtFLs


Not seasonal at all. Just because I loves it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2rKVPUrR_s


Just the kind of thing for this time in the morning while smoking one last cigar…

please will someone check on the budgie…


Jake T stayed over at ours when my dad ran a folk club & he (Mr T) was ‘not quite in a condition to go home’ after his gig.

He was a quiet, pleasant breakfast guest.


If another damned day’s gone by… Aye right, but sometimes we all feel that way. Now enjoy this

Gussers x


And if that was too much on the miserable side, follow The Bike Song with The Swimming Song



Wednesday, instead of suffering the Pip/Helen delusional smug-in, we could have been listening to this, on RTÉ’s Arena. Rather lovely.


I like that, Joe. Thank-you



Lovely, isn’t it? New to me, too - it was pure chance that I happened to be driving at the time and had the radio on. Just downloaded the album, so looking forward to listening to it later.


How had I not come across this before? A Grainger arrangement of La vallée des cloches. Normally I shy away from orchestrated arrangements of music written for piano. But Ravel + Grainger = entrancement

Start at 1:14:21


I think Grainger must be favoured by Tognetti. I heard something by him on R3 earlier today, and it wasn’t that: I would have noticed. (It was on a very dull bit of the M40, north of High Wycombe, at about a quarter past one.)

(Memory says it was a bit of Bach rejigged? Something like that.)


Blithe Bells, that was. All very well in its way but not a patch (imo) on the valley of 'em.

“sheep may safely graze”. Apparently. Wouldn’t bet me fleece on it.


Australia’s quite a small town, Fanta…


I am listening to Pete Atkin this evening:

Well, it amuses me