On the Juke-Box Today


And me. for which I have you to thank.


I do recommend Lonesome Levis Lane… Actually, all of it is rather fine.


First of the month … White Rabbits.


Driving home today, I was taken by surprise by


You want surprising? Had the good fortune to get a couple of lessons from this guy - learnt more in one session than in all the years I’d been playing!


I’m in an odd mood, so:


Sort of thing for this time o’ night, dahlinks.


Love that Gus. Gawd there so much out there.


Have a go at this …

Steve Marriott - Black Coffee" on YouTube


A trio of Canadian folk:


Oooh, I very much like those, Horse Soldier in particular.


This is with joe particularly in mind. This week on R3 they’ve been previewiing the Young Musician woodwind finalists. The flautist on Tuesday played Chant de Linos (Andre Jolivet) and I was dead impressed. It’s 8 minutes in, if this link works https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09z61bv


Chant de Linos is a fun piece - must learn it again. The Jolivet concerto is lovely, too. If you like that sort of thing, this is one of my personal favourites:


Oh, now that is fantastic. Thank you joe.


One that I tend to play when I’m feeling a bit low:


Why can’t you just play Laughing Lennie to slash yer wrists to like any normal person?


Now look what you’ve started…


eek. soz. Attajoe!


time-travel and good to dance about to in any fleeting sunshine you might have been granted, too. Time-travel aspect is quite the worry. So is ‘cola-wine’, but there you go… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58vtnJjKxDw


Ah … Reggie music. “Music with a limp” as described by Ray Moore.

Always suits sunshine days.

I once, in a time long, long ago, I went to a fancy dress as Tom Baker’s Dr. Who (well, I owned a long scarf) and carried a placard saying -

"We want time travel !

When ??

Oh … not really bothered".