On the Juke-Box Today


Talk in the Cellar of scoffing squillels and moles put me in mind of this. Robert Wyatt, yet again, not quite having the energy to get up to a frenzy. With more than a touch of ‘Streets of London’ in the preamble


It has echoes of many other bits of songsterstry of the same era, not just Streets of London.


Bill MacCormick on bass, of course. No shortage of energy in his music:


Dedicated to Shula.


Urgle, Armers.


Or maybe this one …


But THIS is tbe best …


Wot larks, eh, Armers, wot larks.


“Whereas it couldn’t be more boring if it tried”

So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?

Well, it’s Friday night. [checks clock] ok, well it was. Or, in a very real sense, always has been.
Anyway, as I had an earworm of it, I see no reason why you lot should get off scot free. The hardcore among you might want to view the second link: the visuals might be found distressing for any number of reasons, starting with time vertigo and violence done to basic survival level dress sense, or awareness of the sensitivities of succulent plants or…


ach well ye cannae say ye wurnae warned (wonder why…)


Oh, I see. You’re one of them. I should have guessed.


That opening is painful, but the rest is ok.

Leslie hates it, and politely declines to sing it. She subsequently announced that true filk fits on one side of A4.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skxrCWsLskE is off the original Off Centaur tape,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rihQjkxyAAk is the remake for a new album, necessary because of copyright confusions.


Not really. And if I am, do you know whose fault it is? Fanta’s, that’s who, through an introduction to Leslie Fish. Youtube then helpfully introduced me to some more: it does that sort of thing from time to time


Oh, OK then.

'Cos I was going to post

which always reminds me of


Thank’ee, Hedgers. I liked PTSOL and shall give what you were going to post and inadvertently did a whirl a little later. Am mid supper preparation at the moment. Incredible shrinking spinach features. What if one had a long family and every one of them liked the stuff? It would have to be delivered by pantechnicon.


Two for the price of one, as you can never have too much of Norma…


I hadn’t even been singing it!

Its actual title is “White Man’s Rain Chant”, according to the original tape.


And its subtitle in that particular video ought to be “How many effing awful fonts have we got that need Using Up?” Why do people do that?


'Cos if the fonts don’t get used they’ll go off and pong to high heaven, or something?

'Cos they got a CD with 10,000 fonts and they want to get their money’s worth?