On the Juke-Box Today




Now there was this:


And then I found this:

I hope you like both, or at least one each

G xx


Blimey Gus. They made my morning.

Later I shall bore you all about my visit to watch Mr. Jagger & his mates … I’m still recovering.


I am, as the young folk allegedly say, ‘well jel’


Another of those “Who needs a reason?” ones:


Well, if we’re in that sort of mood:


Y’know, I don’t think that was quite what Joe had in mind…


I didn’t need a reason. :bird::cocktail:


Well I like it, anyway. Sort of Hawkwind meets Kraftwerk with added banjo…


Yes; I didn’t say, but so do I.


To elaborate on my slightly whimsical description, not that piece so much, but the first couple of numbers here, quite definitely:


So much slapping needed, so little time…


Just because it is (was) Friday night and I sort of luvs y’all


And in case that wasn’t to your taste - well, here you go. Joyous. imo


And it is very useful to know where to find this
(bear with it, ye sceptics)


Now I can’t remember how I came by this; so joe, or Hedgers, if it was you, take the credit. It’s an interesting and useful wee beastie


That is fantastic


I have a vape-seller who is trying to turn me on to heavy metal.


Sudden Daughter is keener on Muse: