One-liners to March 27


08 Mar Lynda’s frustration grows and there are fireworks on Tom and Natasha’s first wedding anniversary.
09 Mar One resident finds themselves in a desperate situation and Emma struggles to remain calm under pressure.
10 Mar There’s bad news for Robert and Elizabeth goes over the top.
11 Mar Oliver bears the brunt and Russ offers his support.
12 Mar Emotions run high for Lilian and Clarrie has concerns about her new guest.
13 Mar Philip receives some worrying information and Tracy attempts to help a friend in need.

15 Mar Lilian offers support and Ben’s 18th birthday present causes debate.
16 Mar Philip questions his future and Ed has concerns.
17 Mar Kirsty needs some reassurance and Adam finds himself overworked.
18 Mar Harrison makes a worrying discovery and Lilian has a brainwave.
19 Mar There’s a near miss for Ed and Lilian delivers some good news.
20 Mar The stress rises for Philip and Brian makes an intervention.

22 Mar Philip attempts to keep control and Justin ruffles feathers.
23 Mar Adam puts his foot down and Phoebe is in the mood to celebrate.
24 Mar Kirsty offers her support and the Brookfield youngsters make plans.
25 Mar Robert makes an emotional gesture and there are complications on Ben’s night out.
26 Mar There’s an embarrassing encounter for Peggy and Josh is forced to cover.
27 Mar One resident makes a devastating confession and Brian is impressed.


I’ve lightheartedly mentioned this elsewhere but I do wonder if something dreadful (excellent?) is going to happen to Lynda. She seems to have been set up for it by falling out with everyone recently - even Robert was critical of her - so they could all feel guilty when she is deaded/disabled/horribly ill/whatever. Now I notice she’s not in the cast list for the two weeks commencing 15th March - while Robert is.


You could well be right. The doctor is in the cast list this week and next, then the following week we have a ‘Blake’. Wonder what that’s about.

Is Robert going to be Clarrie’s guest? Or Oliver? More likely the latter, I should imagine.


I was, barely, daring to hope the same thing, TFM. However, the DM diary elsethread (thank you, Janie, as ever) doesn’t read that way to me.

It is NOT wicked to wish for the death of another if that other is fictional. And even if the another is real, there’s nothing wrong with having a preferred order, is there? ;- )


How do you interpret the DM, Gus? It will be Lynda, but not deaded, or that it won’t be Lynda?


That it won’t be Lynda.
But my crystal ball is notoriously inaccurate when it comes to TA.


Who, then?


No idea. Unless Slaphead Johnny hangs himself.


Maybe it’s Lily. She’s in this week and not for the two following. No, can’t be because Russ is ‘offering his support’ (can’t wait!) and we can assume if Lily has followed her father’s footsteps, then he’d be needing support, as did Nigel, come to think of it.


I wondered if they might attempt the permanent disability story they dodged with Nigel. But deaded would be better, or would it?

Either way, it will be something to do with Gav messing up, and Philip will be badly affected (sued?) because it is his firm that was hired to do the work. That’s wot I think.


She falls, catastrophically or even fatally, into the sewerage system? How frabjous that would be!


Yes, I think there are strong indications that it’s Lynda. Absent for two weeks but Robert is in, Oliver bearing the brunt because the accident happened at Grey Gables, Robert getting bad news - Lynda is in a coma, Freddie is there because he feels terrible for not accepting her apology.

Why don’t you think it’s it’s Lynda, Gus!


Because, as you might have noticed during our by now quite lengthy cyber-acquaintance, I am a pessimistic soul. Glass (regularly) half empty - but that’s another issue entirely :wink:


Look at it this way. If she’s not deaded, then some dreadful comeuppance might befall her. Indeed, she’s had a couple of huge set-backs of late which have shaken her hitherto unassailable self esteem: being wrong about Freddie and the failure of her campaign.

I never wish for the death of my most-loathed characters for that exact reason. I live in hopes that someone will see through Helen and tell her to get lost.


…and all will be well in the end, cos The B@Ambridge will be renamed The Bull in honour of DeadLynda.


If they really want to commemorate her, they’ll be needing another four letters, dere.


Is that 4 letters added to B or 4 letters added to Bull? It works either way.


The latter was what I had in mind but you are, of course, right.


I think you’ll find it is a Human Rights matter dere.


Yeah, it is my 'uman right to wish for such things.