One-liners to March 27


“Linda’s dead! Murdered! And the only clue… is this dagger with llama bite marks on the handle.”


…sounds like the story of my life, although I am reminded of the following:

The Optimist sees a glass half-full, the Pessimist sees the glass half-empty, and the Opportunist (…moi) sees the glass and sez: “…oh, good! …free drink! Cheers! :wink:


… & the apparently oppressed think “I’m going to have to wash that glass in a short while”.


‘andle? …froat, surely (Shirley, me ol’ Sparra!) :grimacing::grimacing::neutral_face::wink:


As residents of Ambridge go, yer llama is not among the dimmer ones. Of course you want to make it look like someone else dun it.


'ow’s abaht 'andle and froat? ( …confuseration ensured! …and insurance! …can never be really certain with some of the newer TA SWs)


Dear Janie, you were right and I was wrong and I am going to have a stiff word with myself.

“Oh Freddie, I’m mortified. I wish the floor would open and swallow me up” (as she didn’t say)
and it jolly well DID! Hurrah!


Ahem! I was right too y’know. In fact I was right first, in this thread at any rate.

But more importantly, it isn’t just Lynda is it? It’s Gav and most probably Freddie too.


Yes, you were right too, and I’m sorry, and lessons will be learned. [dons sackcloth, looks penitent]

No, I don’t think Freddie will turn out to have been damaged. Of course, he will blame himself (and as an exception to the Ambridge rule, no one will tell him not to).
Gavin will ultimately be OK but with any luck this will put the kibosh on the wedding plans.


It’s Lizzie going over the top and Russ offering his support that make me think Freddie will not have got away unhurt.


Fair enough. Will all Johnny’s hair fall out with shock?

I’ve just had a really HORRIBLE thought: will a reconciliation between Ed and Emma occur, driven by how narrowly she escaped being in the blast zone.

I think buckets on standby from 19:03-19:15 for the foreseeable will be a sensible precaution. Also, please remember that alcohol is highly effective in preventing lasting contamination.


Well he is in the cast list for the next 2 weeks, as is Freddie. Maybe Lizzie will go over the top because he’s dislocated his little finger or something - remember the fuss over his collarbone?

It could well be your turn to be right re Ed & Emma, I’m sorry to say. I s’pose we have to pay some sort of price for the joy of Lynda’s comeuppance.


…nice epi, although if I’m honest, I really think it could have done with more SFX of breaking glass (…see upthread) :grimacing::grimacing::neutral_face::neutral_face::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::no_mouth:


So big an opportunity to have Pip, exit stage left.


…oi loikes that’n! Ashamed that oi didn’t fink ov it meself! (…ow oi did larf tho!) :roll_eyes::neutral_face:


Hope the fool Stirling or his underlings had the GG insurance up to date.

She said insincerely.


“Unfortunately we can’t find any evidence that you treated the Horrobin infestation…”


I wonder what value of money being showered in shite is?

Multiply by the number of lingering guests and you are not long in making your in sewer ants give up on you


Some people pay good money for that kind of thing.


But the chance of Grey Gables being full of such on a Sunday evening…

…seems quite high, actually.