One-liners to March 27


Tssk. You Londoners.


Elizabeth goes over the top tomorrow. Anyone else wondering if it’s in the Blackadder Goes Forth sense? Or, learning mistakenly that Freddie is no more, she goes over the top in the Bertha Rochester way, thus following Nigel’s example?

Sadly it will more likely turn out that she throws a hissy fit at someone, poor Oliver, probably, about what Might Have Happened to Freddie. One way or another she will want to make this about her.


Descending while on fire would even one-up Nigel.


Ain’t that the truth.


Ooh, yes, and can we throw in a bit of Lucia di Lammermoor as well and have her do a Mad Scene on the roof, having killed Russ of course. Or better still, Lily, the obstacle between her and Russ.


You called that one right, Janie. All About Her. Given that Freddie is technically an adult and that what little he has of mentis is as compos as ever it is likely to be, how dare she insist he go home with her? I was hoping so hard for him to ask Shula if he could go back to The Stables as a compromise. Now that would have been juicy.


That was pretty mild for Elizabeth. She could have made much more of a fuss. If it was anyone but her, I’d say you probably would want to have your injured child under your roof and not leave him to the mercies of the room mates.

Wait till she gets him back to Lower Loxley. She’ll go all fragile at Russ, won’t she, requiring ‘emotional support’.