Poultry report


It appears we now have a heron-in-residence:


Herons eat cute little fluffy ducklings. They do it tactlessly, in front of someone feeding the ducks… (Not me; I arrived on the tow-path to the hysterics but not the Fell Deed.)


We’ve been watching out for that; both Sammy and Tig are now too big to be at risk. Herons will also take mice and rats, which we’re quite happy to encourage


Oh and talking of young Tig:


A heron would definitely think twice!


TBH I’m not sure they’re equipped to think even once


Oh, gorgeous.

Rather a fine Baz, too


Gawds - I have been more neglectful than That Josh and, had that poultry been mine it wad be deid.
I have booked accommodation, for February, so that a visit to Peebles Poultry Show will be possible. Really looking forward to it!
I lurve young Tig.
Soo xx


Trouble is I suspect he’s the culprit behind a spate of broken eggs—the way he’s lurking outside the coop is certainly suggestive. I’ve not seen an egg—or the remains—in the main coop for a while, which leads me to think the girls are laying out somewhere. Something Will Have To Be Done…


This fills me with foreboding, joe…
Soo xx


Fear not—I’m not talking about anything drastic, just making the chooks and their eggs more secure. Will probably have to build on runs so that they can scratch around in safety. There’s always a risk from predators when they free-range.


Soo xx


Any chook news, joe?
Soo xx


Remiss of me, I admit, but I’ve been rather busy…

Generally all quiet. Quiet is good; when things get noisy it usually means trouble. All wet and miserable out there at the moment; will get a few pics if it brightens up.


Yes - you’ve had a very busy time ovvit, joe. I can wait for pics :grinning:

Oops - I have been reminded to let others join in the conversation.

Soo xx