Poultry report


Attention seeking, mayhap?
Soo xx


No mayhap about it. Nor yet a perchance.


Soo xx


Au contraire, joe, that bird has firmly established a perchance on that windowsill


I asked for that, didn’t I?




Well, you prolly didn’t notice That Gus, joe. You may have gotten away it, had she been visible.
Soo xx


Browsing for some chook advice this afternoon, discovered that A Certain Mudlark had become famous, and I didn’t even know:


Don’t let it go to her head, Joe.


Some chance! That’s one of those “Be nice or I’ll show everyone” pictures.


Bella so does not do her own hair, joe.
She is beautiful, though.
Soo xx


You can take the lark out of the mud, but you can’t take the mud out of the lark…

I can only assume she doesn’t realise that the wran boys were out yesterday.


Y’see? A couple of days away from them and they’re mucky as heck!
Soo xx


And just when things were going so well…

Anyone want a (rather pretty) rooster, free to good home?


Confused of sarf Lunnon.Wot?
Who has changed/revealed sex?

An fine bird, however it identifies.


:grin: Gus! I second your enquiry: which one is it? Is it the new arrival (had to look upthread for the name) Tig?


Yep - that’s Tig, the Rooster Formerly Known As Tiger Lily. We always planned to drop one half of the name, shame it had to be the second. He’ll have to go, alas - he’s mainly Orpington, so he’s going to be too big and too dominating to accept a subservient role, so that means fighting. The carnage that could ensue doesn’t bear thinking about. Like Bonnie, he deserves his own harem.

Sammy Hannah still looking good for henniness, we’re pleased to say.


I hear there might be some vacancies in west London.

Pft. Amateurs.


I wonder what they thought he had done that meant he deserved stabbing.


The Metropolitan Police said the victim was chased by men and women following “a minor argument” in a shop.

Maybe he complained about their custard?