Poultry report


Pore Tig. Happy New Year, Tig.
Soo xx


The other convalescent didn’t make it. RIP Jules. The only consolation is that she had a year or so she wouldn’t have done; she and her sisters would have been culled had we not taken them.


And it wasn’t a bad year or so for her, Joe

RIP Jules



RIP Jules.
As Carinthia suggests, Jules had a good life with you.
Soo xx


So…poultry. We visited the Peebles Poultry Show at the weekend and Mr Bee took some pics. The subjects were, obviously, behind bars, but here are some examples:

Phew. This has taken all of my ‘techie’ energy. I hope that I haven’t crashed The Reporter.

Soo xx


I never have Techie energy, Soo

I leave that to others…

Splendid Photies



Thanks, Carinthia. There are many more, but I’ll spare thee…
There is a pic of the African Grey, from Five Sisters Zoo - Mr Bee struck up quite a conversation with this one…I’ll try my hand at posting the video, but for now:

Such larks!

Soo xx


Somewhere, a duck is watching you.
Intently. Implacably.

Not that I want to alarm you at all…

Love the photies


Encouraged azz one izz - have a Kookaburra, Gus:

We were that close and it didn’t peck our eyes out. Ducks are seriously intent in their gazing.

Soo xx


Don’t be fooled, Soo dere: thattiz a kingfisher wot was put through the hot wash by mistake.
Hence the beady glaring.


I’ll not get to sleep for snorking, Gus! Can’t wait to tell Himself!
Soo xxxx


“I never dunnit yeronner. Also I come from a depraved family.”

“Did you spill me grain?”


Not so far, there haven’t been.

< Takes stack of Vaughan Williams LPs and trusty shotgun and strides out looking Purposeful >


Hardly the same, I appreciate, but yesterday we had 2, rather shy, woodpeckers in the garden & using the bird feeders.

I didn’t manage to get a photo, unfortunately, but such a welcome splash of colour.


It was Robin Season in the garden yesterday, including one Serious Philosophical Discussion (lots of wings ‘n’ twittering) and one of 'em hoppiting through the gazebo.


So, finally I got to meet the new arrivals; they’ve (quite sensibly) spent the last week hiding from Gareth and Hannah.


They are delightful! Are they named?


How wonderful they are! I wish them good luck in their progress to adulthood and, erm, femininity…
Soo xx


Had to check on the naming. Provisionally, Nell (the yellow one) and Greta.


Does she vant to be alone?