Poultry report


She vants to be ahen…

…if s/he knows what’s good for her


Latest news: Sammy-Hannah’s moved house, apparently. Wouldn’t go into her own coop, but kept circling the other one (with Jilly, Tysie and Kiki) getting apparently quite agitated. Nothing for it but to open it up and let her in; apparently she settled down immediately. Interestingly, Jilly did exactly the same thing when she arrived; must be a territorial thing going on.

(Story continues over the next few posts)

Apparently while I was out getting a few essentials*, she looked to get out and went back to her own place. Who knows what is going on?

*Some of them actually solid


I don’t know, but you’re just the bloke to tell us, joe. I am gripping with my heels :baby_chick:
Soo xx


Well, that’s one mystery cleared up; I just found one of Sammy-Hannah’s eggs in Jilly’s nest. Evidently she was late laying yesterday and the rest of the Crettyard Crew had gone in to roost for the night. This meant there was no room, so she popped over to where she knew there was an alternative nest. Poor little mite must have been cross-legged…


Or maybe it’s just personal preference? Let them out a while ago and Sammy-Hannah immediately made a beeline for Jilly’s nest to lay her egg.


Just being Awkward, then. What does Jilly think about it?


Fastidious, more like. The Crettyard girls are Orpingtons, so it’s not just eggs they produce in large quantities. Jilly’s the only hen who has access to her nest, and only goes there to lay, so it’s generally fairly clean. Sammy-Hannah is rather proud of her pristine (and predominantly white) plumage.


First day out, under Mammy’s watchful eye…


“We’d better stay out of her way—I think she’s having one of her Days…”


We are beginning to have suspicions about the parenthood of Greta. Quality’s not great because I had to zoom in quite a long way, but notice the distinct hint of feathering on the leg. Looks like Kiki’s turned out to be a bit of a dark horse…

Have to say, a cross between Kiki and Sammy-Hannah should be quite a looker:


A rather calmer—but still watchful—Bella with Nell & Greta:

And the proud (well, they would be proud, if they knew) parents:


A fine, if slightly complicated, family.


Indeed. I should have pointed out that we are only sure that Greta (the white chick*) is Kiki’s, because of the leg feathering. Things get even more complicated if (as we suspect) Soo is the other father, since that would also make him the grandfather.

Of course, it could also be Tysie…

*Are we allowed to say that these days?


Time to catch a bit of sun:


Smug birds!


Glorious fluffiness.
Thanks, joe!
Soo xx


Mudlarks in training:


One of those “I can’t be arsed, it’s too hot” days…


Bluddy cold here

Mind you, I don’t have fevvers…



We had a brief spell earlier when the sun came out and the temperature actually reached double figures*. Gone cold again now.

*I suspect it may have been summer.