Poultry report


Young Miss (we hope) Nell:

We have a fairly good idea of whose egg she hatched from:


That does seem a little likely…


Go Fahrenheit. It’s been double figures all day.

Love the new one Joe.


Another sad day - RIP Katy II. Looked like a heart attack, so at least it was quick. We’d noticed she’d been a bit under the weather, so maybe it was for the best. The last couple we lost lingered for quite a while, which can’t have been pleasant for the poor things.



Poor Katy . Pleased that, if it had to be, it was quick



RIP Katy II.

I shall have a glass of Ruby Leffe to drink to her with.


I’ll have a glass of ‘Proper Job’, as that is the first bottle I picked up

RIP Katy



I raise a glass to her chickenly soul. Sad for you, joe.
Soo xx


Aw, that’s lousy news.
Your chooks are so loved,
Katy II will have had the best of lives. Rotten sad for you, though. II


A hazard of getting “retirees”—Katy was one of the “Crettyard Crew”. They’re not young when they arrive and have more often than not been “forced” to lay incessantly for a year or so by artificially lengthening the laying period. It does tend to leave them rather stressed.


Poor wee chooks. Thank goodness that they have a comfortable retirement at your place, joe.


Mudlarkery apprenticeship continues apace:


Love it, Joe



As do I.
Happy buzzing sounds from Northumberland.
Soo xx


Patiently awaiting photies of little ones. :smile:
Soo xx


Yer not the only one, Soo. LadySusan is a Poultry Fan.


First the bad news: it looks like the trainee mudlarks are roosters. One definitely is; he was in full voice today. The other almost certainly is. Sadly they’ll have to go…

The newest chick seems to have disappeared—unless the original sighting was mistaken. I never saw it, so it’s possible. Whatever the truth, there is definitely no chick there now. Millie and Sammy-Hannah still patiently sitting, however! (S-H has revealed a hitherto unsuspected vicious side—approach the nest your peril!)

Bella, however, has come up trumps (unless it’s another bloody rooster…)


First day out in the big wide world


Two new arrivals! Welcome, Violet and Penelope:


Whence came these handsome birds?