Poultry report


Aw, joe. I’m late on parade, again. I lurve the Hens, azz you kow. Thanks for sharing.
Soo xx


And now it looks although young Vixers is definitely a hen - YAY!! Three little silkie-sized eggs in three days. Couldn’t be sure at first, because one or two might have been Bella. Three in a row is something you’d only get from a young hen, though—silkies aren’t particularly prolific layers. So it’s :champagne::champagne: all round!

Meanwhile, in the other coop…

(I’m thinking of trying to get a few action shots—anyone got a time-lapse camera?)


Glad to hear that, joe. How old is Vicky? How old must a hen be usually before she starts laying?


If you have a Linux machine with a webcam (as it might be, a Raspberry Pi) you can install motion on it…


So, does it just jiggle about, oblivious of the sedentary manners of its subject, Hedgers? I’d not be foxed by that.

Soo xx


Vicky’s around 14 weeks, so at the early side of average. There are no hard and fast rules, though. Like everything else to do with hens, they all tend to do their own thing in their own time. (I think I mentioned before that if you asked a chicken why she crossed the road, the answer would be “None of your @£$%^&* business!”)


So can thw average fowl, dere


Here you go, joe. Hours of fun and lawsuits


We tell ourselves that we arrange the garden for our benefit…


Doncha just luv the footwear! :hugs::hugs:


Part of yesterday’s haul. I think one of the new girls is trying for a record:


To give a more objective comparison, this is current EU grading:


This one weighs in at 87g

I’m surprised the poor girl can still walk.


I was just thinking either you have very small hands or that egg is huge!


JM&J, Joe

I was crossing my legs at the thought…



Wow! Looks like a duck’s! …or gooses?


…a double-yolker? Do double-yolkers even still exist? I’ve not come across one since I was a nipper, back in Blighty and my old Granfer used to keep chickens in his orchard! (I well-remember learning where the saying about “head-less chicken” came from by seeing it first-hand when I was about 5 and he was mowing the orchard and one of the chickens had a close-encounter of the Anne-Boleyn-kind with Granfer’s scythe!) :anguished::scream::scream:


I think double yolked eggs must still exist Aren’t they more likely when hens are either very young or getting old? The latter wouldn’t apply with any battery-type bird; they get slaughtered well before they get old. So you’d only see them from older, probably free-range hens, probably ones being kept in a small-holding way. And I think they tend to be too heavy to fit into USAian weight-categories so they wouldn’t be sold in shops much.


Well, just look at this!
(Thank you wiki)
“Double-yolk eggs occur when ovulation occurs too rapidly, or when one yolk becomes joined with another yolk. These eggs may be the result of a young hen’s reproductive cycle not yet being synchronized”

…zoundz loike ‘er zycle be needin’ to be zynchronizerated, @joe deer!

…an’ 'oobetter to know all about zynchronizeratin zycles than yorn truly? :slightly_smiling_face:


Spent the last few day trying to nurse a distinctly unwell Jilly. Took her to local vet who gave her a course of antibiotics, but I think a trip to Hen Hospital (Twellsy and Yon Bull know the place!) may be required…



Oh, poor Jilly. I do hope she perks up soon