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TBH we’re pretty worried about her. She’s always been the liveliest of them, so the decline is particularly noticeable. She’s a fighter, though, so fingers crossed…


Well, we put off the trip to Bray as she seemed to be rallying fairly well this afternoon. From being comatose to the extent that we were sure she was slipping away, to hopping up on the side of the box and contemplating a bid for freedom. Spoon-feeding her a mix of egg yolk, yoghurt and honey, spiked with a dose of vitamins, seems to have helped. She’s sleeping now, so we’ll see how she is in the morning. If the improvement continues, we’ll leave her be—don’t want to subject her to the stress of a long journey unless it’s really necessary.


Encouraging news, joe. Fingers crossed and tenters hitched.


Fins crossed for her here.


Rallying is a Good Thing. My best wishes for Jilly’s recovery, joe.
Soo xx


Here’s hoping for the best for Jilly (…gotta :heart_eyes: that name!) :kissing_heart:


Keeping her in until she’s fully recovered, but signs are good; she was alert, preening and feeding herself this morning. Looks like she’s getting back to her old self :crossed_fingers:

Have passed on all your good wishes!


Sounds like Jilly’s on the mend. Your comment reminds me of a favourite cat-poem by Roger McGough:

My cat and I

Girls are simply the prettiest things
My cat and I believe
And we’re always saddened
When it’s time for them to leave

We watch them titivating
(that often takes a while)
And though they keep us waiting
My cat & I just smile

We like to see them to the door
Say how sad it couldn’t last
Then my cat and I go back inside
And talk about the past

Roger McGough


And just when you think you’ve turned a corner…

Seems to be a bit down at the moment. Have found another vet reasonably locally (Kilkenny) that has full X-ray facilities and so forth. Have an appointment for 9.45 tomorrow…


Best of luck, young Jilly! We’ll be rootin’ fer ya!


Fingers recrossed, joe


Every good wish for a full recovery for Jilly

The parrot has her beak crossed

Watch out for cats in the home of red ale


Well, she’s taken up residence at the localish vets as of this morning. Apparently very thin and dehydrated, so they’re putting her on a drip. Various tests and x-rays being done, so I’m just sitting here waiting for news. As with Jules, the possible diagnoses range across the full spectrum. She was showing poor reflexes, which could possibly indicate a neurological factor (even the dreaded Marek’s) but which might equally be down to her generally run-down state. I have a suspicion she may not have been feeding properly; hens apparently are fully au fait with the concept of delayed gratification, so I wonder if she’s been skimping on the proper food and waiting for her “treats”. Then when an infection struck, she didn’t have the reserves to fight it.

Anyway, she’s been there since this morning and they said they’d ring as soon as there was news, so the current silence is slightly reassuring, since presumably it means they haven’t given up on her. Will keep you posted.


Tenters Hitched, Joe



Fins crossed.


Very much with you in spirit, joe.
Soo xx


Just caught up with this, fingers crossed here too.


Look who’s home, with a seven day prescription for antibiotics:




Brava that hen!