Poultry report


She’s still a bit unsteady, but that could be because she’s groggy after being sedated for the x-rays. She has fresh bedding, clean water (with vitamins) and a new-found passion for cold boiled rice, apparently. Will do a fresh batch tonight so it will be cold for the morning. All being well, we can mix the antibiotic in with it.


Don’t tell that Bee :wink:

Huzzah! Floreat Jilly!


I heard that!
Yay, for the Jilly one!
Soo xx


…here’s praying to the chicken equivalent of my cell-mates’ "Great Bastet", if such deity exists, and I feel certain it does!


Ooo goody Joe

I can now sort of uncross the parrot’s wings


Thoth and his sacred ibises?


Jilly looking much brighter today. Looks like it’s a fungal infection, so being treated accordingly. Trouble is, as she gets more active, it becomes increasingly difficult to get the drops into her. Birds can escape through three dimensions…


Blooming mushrumps.


Tentative untentering.


Visiting hours…

As you can see, she’s now a lot stronger. Quite a long conversation ensued (probably consisting entirely of complaints about us)


Attagirl, Jilly!
Soo xx


We’re going to get her a dog cage tomorrow, so she can see out and have more room to move around. She’s started scratching around again, which is always a good sign. We’re fairly sure she’s on the mend, but we’re keeping a close eye on her, just in case. Main thing at the moment is to fatten her up a bit—she was just skin and bone last week. So she’s on a diet of grain, egg and Liga(!), with vitamin drops mixed in. We are actually spending more time preparing her meals than we do on our own.


You make me smile. How lucky are your fevvered friends to have you on-side? I hope that Jilly makes a full recovery, soon.

Soo xx


…glad to hear your tidings of great joy! …but no offense to you or dear Jilly, but your last post reminded me of a chicken-cartoon by one of my favourite cartoonists (Gary Larson) and I just couldn’t resist:

…watch out for the soup, Jilly dear! :grinning::kissing_heart:



Soo xx


…another gem from Mr. Larson!! :rofl: :rofl: :joy:


Things are not looking good.

Jilly’s back at the vet’s and we’re basically expecting the worst. Nothing we can do but sit by the phone and wait.


Bless her. C’mon Jilly x


I’m sorry, Joe. But that does not stop me from crossing me fins.