Poultry report


I know, and it’s rotten bad luck for it to be working out the way it has. Particularly bad luck of course if one happens to be a rooster with promiscuous ambitions. Edit: ‘If one happens to be a rooster’ [full point].


Well, exactly!


Latest news is that she’s standing and walking around a bit, so all being well she’ll be home this evening. Will have to be segregated, with one of the calmer hens for company. Fingers crossed…


I am Thinking Good Thoughts at her as I type, joe.


Kindest wishes for Jules. I could pose as a Calm Hen, if that would help.
Soo xx


Well, she’s home - with a bagful of drugs to keep her happy (and us busy) for the next week. Looking a lot more lively, I’m happy to say.

Soo - your Calm Hen is remarkably like our Jilly - particularly the crown…

Thanks for the kind offer, but maybe better to leave her with her sister, Katie II


Good Thoughts to Jules, and to her kind keepers. It’s good that she is back home. She will be much happier and thus more inclined to thrive. Come on girl, put yer back into the thriving…


[Surreptitiously disables cam]

I’ll defer to the redoubtable Katie, joe.

Soo xx


Owt happening poultry-wise, joe?
A photie would be a Grand Thing.
Soo xx


Sorry - thing have been a bit hectic of late! Will try to get something today. (Shouldn’t be difficult - Bonny’s turning out to be a right poser)


Poser - moi?


Keep 'em coming, Joe, can’t get enough of they poultry reports. I had no idea they were so characterful.


If you have a bit of time, this is well worth a look:


Alas, “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” in white on a black background is all I see when I click on that. Huh.


And the BBC, upon whom be a murrain, says “Sorry, you need Flash to play this” – and I “need” Flash like I need a hole in my security large enough to drive several Centurion tanks through in line abreast.


It’s weird. It’s working fine here, but clicking the link on my phone, I get the same error. Will see if I can find an alternative…


you and me both, Fishy.

joe, that is One Fine Bird.


Try here:


That Link works, Joe

I’ll have a proper look later



Shhh! He’s bad enough as it is! (I agree though)