Poultry report


That link works; thanks, Joe. And very interesting it is, too.


Thank you, so much, for the video link, joe. Once we have moved home to somewhere more sympatico, I must have chickens and OH wants bees (I haven’t put him off).
Is that chicken Soo, by any chance?
Thanks for the update.
Soo xx


That, believe it or not, is young Bonny. The image of his mother, the much-missed Cissie, but with Soo’s tail.


Oh, Cissie xx did well, didn’t she? He’s a lovely boy.
Among my happiest childhood memories are of the poultry that various rellies kept and that wonderful night-time roosting sound. Also, fresh eggs for breakfast. Fab.
We’ll be going up to Peebles for the Show, later this year - highest on our agenda will be a visit to the poultry tent. Bliss!
Soo xx


Went to release the Crettyard Crew this morning. Soo, Jules and Millie do their usual rush for freedom - no sign of Katie. Quick check on nest box and sure enough, there she is, giving me a “Do you mind!” look.

A bit later, pop out again to collect and find…

Which is very significant because it means Jules is now laying - so she’s definitely on the mend after all the trauma; going off lay is often the first sign of trouble with a hen. I had an inkling that a white egg the other day might have been hers (they’re brown egg layers under normal circumstances) but this confirms it. The one in the middle is definitely paler, so I’m sure that’s hers. The previous one had no noticeable pigment at all, so I she’s definitely heading back to what passes for normality round here.

Incidentally, none of the Crettyard Women - who arrived just before Christmas - showed any sign of laying before a few weeks ago. This is I believe fairly normal for hens that are relocated - Katie I did the same. So how was Josh planning to cover Trex’s immediate supply problems by rustling Neil’s hens?


Good nights, Chooks.
Soo xx


Yes, it’s definitely bed time for boc-bocs…


awww. I think.


A worm just ain’t safe in these parts…


Very alert!


Have just discovered that Bella has been indulging in a spot of eggnapping; found one of Jilly’s eggs in her nest. Apparently it’s not uncommon:


Bloomin’ eck. Bad, clever Bella.
Just imagining the posts on Hensnet…


This is something I knew about, Lord knows why. Is it in Kipling or something? Literary, anyhow.


Well, we’ve said goodbye to young Bonnie. Found a new home for him where he’ll be the sole roo - when he woke this morning he probably thought all his birthdays and Christmases had come at once…

Now just the small matter of re-integrating Bella…


What a good news piece, joe.
Soo xx


Still miss the little bugger, though…


One would. A fine looking little bugger, if I might say so.


Also the image of his mother, the late and much lamented Cissie:


Back home at last to find that, having just got Bonnie rehomed, Millie and Soo evidently felt we needed a replacement…


Why, Joe? Remind me, Soo is a rooster, and Millie, what is he/she? And are they missing Bonnie?