Poultry report


Millie is one of the “Crettyard Women” (aka Soo’s harem):

Went broody a few weeks ago, and we arrived home to discover she is now a proud mammy! Hopefully it’ll turn out to be a hen rather than a roo this time…




Thanks for the update, joe. Here’s hoping for a hen.
(The other) Soo xx



The expression on that hen is of the “you lay a finger on My Baby and you lose it to the elbow” variety.

A fine homecoming surprise, I call it.


Went out earlier to check on the new arrival, only to find the coop completely deserted. After a few seconds panic, thought I’d better check round the wooded bit round the back…

PS - this time, we’re playing safe with the name!


Sam’s a good choice, joe. Your video has had OH and me grinning like grinny things. Awwwwwww.
Soo xx


Three days on, wings developing nicely:


The Mammy looks rather inscrutable. Is she pleased with her Chick?
Soo xx


Chris interpreted the expression perfectly above!


And now for the first family photo!

L-R Katie II, Millie II (aka The Proud Mammy), Sam, Jules and Soo


Those Chooks rock, joe! Ab Fab.
Soo xx


Poultritudinous in the extreme


You can’t turn your back for a second…


Contrary to original assumptions, thattiz not a chicken.

'Tis a mudlark. A very charming one at that


We call it “sowing”

They call it “treasure hunt”


Soo xx


…and so to bed


Nighty-night, Lovely Chooks.
Soo xx


That’s lovely, Joe