Poultry report


This, incidentally, is what the “mudlark” (perfect description!) above is supposed to look like. Butter(cups) wouldn’t melt…


We’ll be visiting Peebles Agricultural Show on 11th August - primarily to see the poultry (believe it, or not). Mr Soo would be happy to post pics of any variety you’d like to see, joe. Last time we visited, we spent an absolute age in the poultry tent, as we are both a bit bonkers about our fevvered friends.
Soo xx


If you want real craziness, look out for Polish chickens:



Brexit is required.


Careful now


It’s been a while, so I think it’s time for an update on the small ball of fluff - aka Sammy - mentioned above. Not quite so small and fluffy now:

Millie still inordinately proud of her achievement - and rightly so:


Still fluffy enough. Awww :chicken:


My, they grow fast! Sammy is very fine - do you know if he’s a Samuel or she’s a Samantha, Joe? Though I understand from your previous experiences that it’s not easy to tell unless he starts to crow.


Sammy is, indeed, a fine looking fowl.
Soo xx


Or lays an egg - hens have been known to crow! (Usually when there’s no actual roo around and they’re top of the pecking order)

Terrified to say anything in case I jinx it but it looks more like a pullet to me; the stance is less erect than Bonny’s was. Fingers crossed…

One good thing is that whatever s/he turns out to be s/he gets along well with both “families”, so if it turns out to be a roo we’ll probably be able to keep him anyway. Bonny was just too assertive for his own safety!


Fluffy and good-natured… what more could one really ask, at this point?


I’m very excited about the Peebles Show, tomorrow. Mr Soo has been enthusiastic about posting pics of the Poultry and we may include shepherds’ sticks, walking sticks (plain wood, one piece or fancy). Contain yourselves! Bear in mind that we are painfully earnest about our enthusiasms :blush:
Soo xx


We have another new arrival - the mudlark hatched one out today, so fingers crossed it will survive. She’s sitting on about half a dozen, so it will be interesting to see how many hatch. Meanwhile, young Sammy’s doing really well - she (and we’re pretty sure it is she) seems to be taking after Daddy’s Light Sussex plumage.

Oh and Jules is back on lay, which is a good sign. I think she’s still a bit traumatised after all her ordeals.

Photos tomorrow, I hope.


Oh hurrah for Jules. As well as for new chick and the probable unrooliness of Sammy.
Happy poultry news :chicken:


Not great, but obviously I didn’t want to disturb them:


A rather better pic:

Chick with attitude, methinks…


Very fine.


Utterly glorious, joe. Thank you!
Soo xx


And today’s lesson is Intermediate Perching (Field Exercises)…


And today we have the first outing for the newest arrival: