Poultry report


Oh, joe - that has had two old bees entranced.
Soo xx


Oi - not so much of the “old”! You don’t fool us for a second


Soo xx


Bella doing what Bella does best - being motherly:




I am sighing an envious sigh, joe, while thoroughly adoring those chooks.
Soo xx


We’re moderately besotted, too :wink:

Meant to ask - how was Peebles?


It was good, joe. My photies, as supplied by OH are a bit naff, though. Not his fault, but the poultry were encased in bars. The walking sticks were a bit rubbish, tbh. Members of my family used to show their efforts at local shows and their offerings were a good deal more imaginative and capable than those of the exhibitors I saw at the Peebles Show. Meh.
Soo xx


Glass cases are more camera-friendly, I suppose

My small offspring, during a chicken-obsessed phase, was taken by grandparents to a rare breeds place and rang me to say that they’d been to a ‘poultry museum’ that day…


Late SiL took her Grandson to a ‘Petting Farm’ anna Goat chewed her frock whilst they were admiring summat else…



I sympathise, Gus. Maybe I could send you some photies that you could edit and post, yet again? Mañana.
Soo xx


I can give it a go, Soo.







Marans, shurely?


Not really. Glass cases have reflections, which the eye can ignore as you move about but which show up sunnink 'orrible in the photies. Wiv bars you can often get the lens between 'em.


Let The Great Mealworm Hunt commence!


Oh, wow, joe!
Those chooks are so intent - I hope that they succeeded in their hunt.
Soo xx