So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


It looks as if they have dug the new cellar just in time for Hannah.

It’s much the same as the others have been: stairs lead down from a door with ‘Never say no to a Medicinal’ written on its lintel, and a warning notice beside it which says


The weather is getting warmer, almost warm enough for sitting about outside, but given the weather warnings there is still a fireplace, with toasting-forks and a kist full of warm shawls near it so that any chilly tart can wrap herself snuggly if needs be; the Other Cupboard is near it, above the Chatelaine’s chaise.

This cellar is decorated in blues, lots of blues, from pale sky round to deep indigo – well, that’s the colour of storm-clouds so it’s sky too, I suppose.

The aga, the other stove, the freezers and the food-cupboards are in the room which is behind the velvet curtain, off the corridor leading to the hot-tub and jacuzzi.

There are various pub-games: the shove-ha’penny board, the dominoes and the Nine Man Morris table are all present and correct, and there is a cupboard with cards and dice and board-games in it.

The On Sweet has a re-repaired metal mirror and has been re-feathered.

There is a glitter-ball as usual.

Darrington the butler, Ewbank, Honoré FitzMichael the pantler, The Page Three Pages, The Underfoot Men, and the re-upholstering lady Gwyneth with her team of seamstresses have moved here.

So have the Fancy Italian, Luigi to make us tea, Antonio the coffee-maker, and Fritz the chocolatier.

We can wait out the storm in comfort, I think.

So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?

It’s all gloriously cosy and welcoming, Fishers.

All hail the New Cellar!

Cheers, Dears.

Soo xx


Oo nice new cellar

Hannah is getting boisterous here


Got you to the dugout just in time, then. Good.


Pathetic as ever. I’m off.


Hmm. Observing that the coffee-maker is on the fritz might cause quite the stir, then.


I think Natasha is due to go, er, down the stairs first.

[sneakity] [sneakity] [sneakity]


An Other Dunnock!

Thought you could get in while I was taking a juniper-assisted snooze, did you?

I’ll set the Hound on you!


That’s better. And the Cellar is safe again.


Close the door behind you—there’s a bit of a draught.

Talking of draught… :beers:


Holds hand out from a tangle of leopards and parrot and cloak to grab a beer
A Doom Bar might be in order


A Doom Bar is always in order, Twellsy



What we have down here is a Counter-Doom bar.





Just the one? OK then:


Getting really breezy here


Heavy and ponderous semiquavers, Joe?

Someone’s avin’ a larf.


Hannah is not amusing us!

Lightning and proper gale force wind with fat sullen raindrops


Fat rain. Nice to witness, so long as your drains & flat rooves are up to it.


In need ovva digestif of some sort; would any Cellarite care to join me?


I’ll join you forra quickie, Gus (oo-er). What you pouring?
Soo xx


Oh a Bazz-Armagnac, I think.
Bottomzzz up, dere