So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Wot a fine suggestion to come back to.



Azz one sayzz, bottomzz up! Inna sippity way.
Best dreams to you and all,
Soo xx


Thank you wee Bee. Badger-free would be good: the dream-creature was quite a worry one way and another.
Sleep tight yerself


Refusing toffees, fgs.
Soo zzzz


Yeah. And I had to ring up from half-way to Something Important to instruct it be given cat food instead.
And my minion said it had escaped into the rest of the house. Which was due to be Inspected for some reason.

Anyway, having a badger under the bed is a bastard. They can break a man’s ankle, you know. Or is that Swans?


I think that swans are maligned.


No They Bloody Aren’t.


My Dog and I were threatened by a massive male swan a few years ago, Gus. I have never been similarly threatened by a badger, so quite why I should come out in defence of the hissing- stamping- pecking barstewards of the avian world, I don’t know. I’ll put it down to the Bazz-Armagnac, taken in haste.
Soo xx


One day, if you are a good Bee, I shall tell you about the Savage Swans of Uxbridge.
I too have no personsl beef with Friend Brock.


I have been known to feed swans from my hands

They gently lift food from my fingers

Elegant graceful birds that are gentle as long as you are gentle with them


You need to think of harmonic/melodic function–the harmonic rhythm is in crotchets:


Har har har.
Also, and in the nicest possible way, bollocks.
Bitey hissy floating savage bastards.


…wot can, wiv effort, be taught a proper respec’ for Workin’ Avians.

Orf to me nest.


Gus dear I have honestly fed swans by hand and stroked their beautiful soft fevers

I have had blue tits feed by landing on my hand and pecking food from my hand

Sparrers are more wary even the naive population in the hovel’s garden

I am proud of the way I can sit for long enough to get wild creatures to trust me


They are lulling you into a false sense of security, Twellsy dere, and all the while moss will be colonising yer North elevation ;- )


I’ve managed this with blue tits, bull finches & robins. Magpies & pigeons too but less voluntarily on my part … thieving gits.


I used to share my sandwiches with a crow. He was entertaining company. Saw him attacking a squirrel once.


Not so far they haven’t

I am fond of the children of Lir and they seem to recognise that

Same as I am happy to talk to parrots with serious beak strength

I will deal with any big birds round the cellar if you deal with dear sweet adorable children


Well I’m not fussed about seeing Brock again tonight



Then I am a fan.