So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Morning folks

I am just delighted to give my quota of fish and crustaceans to needy folk in the cellar

I would go vegan rather than eat fish
I have tried to eat fish so I can honestly say I hate the stuff


Morning. I feel the same about beetroot, Twellsy.
Soo xx


And for me it’s bananas. And…



I could, certainly, live without either of those, TFM.

Soo xx


Wot a feast of leftovers and unwanteds I shall have today. (I know me place.)



Havva luvvly poached eggy to go with those Ls and Us, dere Sparrer.


Swap you for this Surplus* Gin.

[happy peckity]

* I have a small cask of it here…


At least cellarati all enjoy the proper brekkie of bacon butties and an elfy bloody mary…

On the table now

Extra butties for pore starving wee dunnocks…


Just the job, Twellsy.
Swoffle, erp.
Soo xx


Today’s mini-drama at the hive.

The Vicar called round as Mr Bee was disposing of shrubbery trimmings into the garden waste bin. Said bin was near to the wall between our drive and our neighbours’. It’s a bit like this:

With no warning, Vicar jumped onto the wall and propelled himself into the bin to stamp down its contents. He managed to clamber out again, but informed us that the column he had held onto was ‘very wobbly’ and should probably be fixed…

Mr Bee has talked to our neighbours (it’s their wall) and suggested that maybe the column was made unstable after he was launched into it by That Poodle. We don’t really believe this to be the case, but what can one do?

Soo xx


Does your vicar often jump into dustbins? Might he need help, or a word from the bishop, or something?


Apparently he does this at home, to squish the contents down. I shan’t involve her bishiness as he’s nicer than she, imo.
Soo xx


Er, how big is this bin exactly? We have established that I am unfamiliar with the details of UK bins and I am now imagining a smallish vicar disappearing feet first into a wheelie bin and then reappearing every couple of seconds, in the manner of a jack-in-the-box, as he jumps up and down.


Bins have been standardised. Vicars, on the other hand, are sorely unregulated in terms of height, weight, width and heresy. Not to mention Springs.


I have not yet encountered a spring-loaded vicar but the one round here is tediously evangelical (Alpha Course etc.).


It’s about 240L, TFM. I don’t mind that the Vicar ‘tamped it down’, tbh. Just that we didn’t want the wall to have been damaged - but it was. The Vicar is smallish, yet determined. Gawds - only in The Cellar :smiley:
So - what’s been happening with all else?

Soo xx

ETA - I’m off to bed. Good nights, Cellarites.


Well, the DDD chased a deer today, which was something of a shock to everyone concerned.

And I saw another black squirrel.

And a lot of small brown butterflies with as far as I could tell no distinguishing features whatever; also a white butterfly with dark-blue or grey spotty tip to its wings, which I can’t locate in a butterfly book but if it was a male Bath White I am exceedingly happy, because those don’t get seen very often. If it was a mere green-Veined White, on the other hand, I am not particularly impressed, because they happen all over the place. Only I would have sworn the colour of the wing-ends was blue, not black or green…


Dearie, dearie normal. Black squirrel s and Festering Bluetips, less so.

I presume no part of the deer is currently reposing a) inside said dog; or b) in the Fishly-Dunnock freezer…


No. It leaped like a deer, and vanished.


Ah. A cunning master of disguise in the form ovva deer, then…