So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Mine to. Blimey, I bet being on the IoM helps that.


Hello Darlings

Carinthia is,as of now, officially resident in her Palace in Carinthia

I wouldn’t like to repeat the last few days, but things are starting to sort themselves out

Went shopping with my neighbour his morning,as there wasn’t a drop of Medicinal to be had in me cupboard :sob:

That situation has now been remedied…



Thank the Lord for that: a terrible state of affairs!


Had it been allowed to continue, certainly. I am Very Glad that you are in residence, Carinthia.

Crab salad is one of my favourite things, TFM. Should you be up our way (oo-er) I’d be delighted to treat you to Northumbrian crab salad.

Soo xx


It does a bit! Though in recent months I’ve also had a wonderful crab salad in Blakeney and crab risotto in a village pub near Kendal.

Ooh thanks! I’d be on my way right now if I could.



Green and jealous hissing. All the jealouser and more viridian since I can’t have crab any more. I recall a particularly fine crab sandwich in Blakeney…


Now that is what I call a tragedy.

Would you like a nice kipper?


Yes, please. What a fine idea.


Coming up. Wiv loads an’ loads of butter…


[happy gronffing and swoffling ]


Mrs. Shanks, surprisingly, will have no kipper other than Manx ones. So sling 'em over whenever you have spare.


That is not surprising, it is sensible. Another one heading your way…


Mutter, mutter - worrabout Craster?
I don’t like any ovvem, tbh, but I must speak up for my fish!
Soo xx


I think by the time they are kippered they’re past caring, tbh.


Soo xx


Aaah, but EVERYTHING Mrs. Shanks does is surprising. She’s a very surprising lady.


A Good Thing, too, Armers.

Soo xx


Am taking meself orff to bed

Wivvan 'Normous Medicinal…



Good for you, Carinthia!
Good nights to you and all Cellarites,
Soo xx


Home safe, ‘n’ in me nest (wot Feral has bin upgrading).

:zzz: [beep]