So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I meant Armers, Bee darling, but thank you kindly, and mind those digits, missus.
Sleep well, buzzly one


Armers should have taken receipt of the first of my illicit bottles, Gus. Unless, I have inadvertently thwacked him on the bonce (I do hope not).
Soo xx


Home safely, inspected by Hound, and orf to me nest.


…who recognised The Trousers of Enduring Fidelity and let you pass ;- )


I hate to disagree with you soo but I don’t think the wound ever heals even to an extent, not for those most closely affected. You do gradually learn how to live with the pain better though. Sorry.


No need to apologise, TFM. Your situation is very different to mine and my comment re healing might have ‘sounded’ glib, for which I’m sorry.

Soo xx


I am not the mess now that I was when it (whatever it may have been) had just happened. But I’m not the bird I was before it happened, either.



And you have no need to apologise either soo, I know you too well to think you were glib.

On a much lighter note, my bedroom window overlooks a field with 5 little loughtan sheep, 2 ewes and their 3 (rather big now) lambs. I glanced out of the window just now and a strange sight caught my eye - a small black & white cat crouched in ‘hunting’ pose facing the sheep and the sheep lined up about 20 yards away looking back at it. The 2 ewes took a step towards the cat at which point it turned about and ran, hotly pursued by all 5 sheep who were gaining on it rapidly. Fortunately the cat just made it out of the field before the sheep quite caught up - the ewes are mature so have rather useful looking horns, like this:


I have an urge to hang bells on them.


I bet you wouldn’t volunteer to hang bells on a ram’s horns!



What are the lower horns for, though? They don;t look as if the extend beyond the skull of the ram, so it can’t use them for much.


If they grow a bit longer, they go in front of the eyes and prevent him from seeing scary things? (The last ram at the old Young’s Brewery was like that.)

Also a bit more practical for an augmented headbutt.


Call me sexist, would you? But no, no desire to embellish the ramly headgear.

Ridiculous-looking aminimal. Anger management ishoos too, no doubt


What splendid looking sheeps

I would love the horns off a ram like that for a nice walking stick and the top horns would look good on my walker and help me approach the bar at rallies

A bluddy gurt horn up the fundamental orifice is a splendid encouragement to reluctant to shift folk IN MY WAY


Um, dunno. To impress the girls, perhaps? Isn’t that usually the reason for extravagant features in male animals?

I’m told they are unusually docile, as rams go. What puzzles me is how they manage to shear the buggas - you know how sheep are usually clipped, with the head held between the shearer’s legs? Well I doubt most blokes would fancy trying that.


Ovine contraception perhaps?


Putting aside all thorts of contraception/castration, we sallied forth to the Fish Quay.

Had a wonderful lunch of dressed crab salad at *The Tap House and then a stroll along to the fishmonger’s, where the Fishwives were on good form. They were on the telly, last night, they told us. Something on ITV News about fish hawkers - who will sell one talapia as haddock without turning a lying hair, I can tell you! Anyhoo, the knitting fishwife asked after Carinthia and we had a jolly good chin-wag. Bought a loada fish and, after stowing it in the coolth, we watched the activities on Port of Tyne. We saw HMS P281 setting off on patrol - not a remarkable craft to look at but the crew must spend 300 out 0f 365 days at sea and have a very varied range of duties, apart from fishery protection:

Not a spot of the threatened rain (BBC useless at forecasting) and we sunbathed (in a restrained and beely way) while we enjoyed the lovely atmosphere. Bliss.

*Carinthia will remember this - I do hope that all is well with our Chatelaine.
Soo xx


Been and shopped for the week and bought ribbons to trim a kaftan


I’m envious now. I love crab, it’s my absolute flavourite.


It’s so they can look like Princess Leia at will.