So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I am not happy about anything that upsets the hound!

The boneys (bonfires) are lit on the 11th of July

The biggest ones are near Peace lines to intimidate the folk on the other side

A night we used to dread as peelers

In other news it’s raining here!

I hope it heads north and helps the fire service keep NI unsinged


Now that is just Wrong.

Immensely frustrating nuisance all round, Fishy. My sympathies.
Still puzzling about the 10th.


As well as unhinged.


Snork Gus


Local Pub is selling off the left over beer from the festival at the weekend.

I may be some time.


I needn’t have worried about the bumps on the back road to here; they had closed it when I tried to take it. The 8-minute journey to the Favoured Dogwalk took 35 minutes altogether.

On the way home I thought soddit and came along the main road on the usual route; just as slow, and for no reason whatever since they had finished work and gone away, leaving only a set of contraflow traffic-lights and two mile tailbacks where they were insisting that a three-lane road had only one lane. Gah.


To be fair, it’s probably to let the surface set properly. Open it too soon and you’ll have a giant Scalextric track.


It was BT working down a manhole, apparently. No tarmac involved. The surface is the same as it has been for at least three years since they finally dealt with what they had designated “failed road surface” on signs all along that stretch of the road.


In that case they’re probably waiting for clearance from a call centre in Bangalore.

On which point:

(I may have posted this before; if so, my apologies. It bears repeated hearings, though…)


Speaking as one of many who have had the delights of house-building in our village (in excess of 500 units) and the four nearby villages having many more units built this year and a further 1,200 units planned to be built next to our nearest Nature Reserve (1.6 miles away), I can confirm that we are utterly tired of the road digging etc. required for all of this. Endless road traffic disruption (infrastructure), traffic lights, clarty muck, noise, real jeopardy for our resident red squirrels, roe deer - I could go on and have already done so - I can confirm that we are all totally fed up with it all. I know that people must live somewhere, but it seems that complete madness is ruling. Ugh.

Soo xx


Oh dear

We have building next door to us

A single house and the old primary school which is becoming a private dwelling

The house is being built by another neighbour’s daughter so just sustainable development


It’s my brother’s anniversary. 49 years ago he keeled over. Maybe it’s that ?


Don’t think so, Armers. But my extremely belated condolences.


No ? Maybe not.

You’re bekated condolences mzke a the difference Gus.


I imagine that July 10th is significant for many people Armers but, for you, this must be a very sad day. Condolences from me, too.
Soo xx


Hugs in exchange for all those you’ve given me when I needed them, Armitage.


Thank you all. It was a very, very long time ago and changed my life in ways from which I, personally, benefited. Would I turn the clock back if possible ? Absolutely. But that’s not possible of course.

The impact it had on my mother was horrendous. He was 17, me 13. He was hit on the chest by a cricket ball which more or less exploded his heart. Not common situation of course. I was playing too so fair to say it was life changing.


Life changing, indeed, Armers. 56 years ago, our family had a very sad bereavement - time heals, to an extent, but everything is changed by such events.

On a frivolous note - yesterday, Mr Bee and I forayed our way into a local Aldi. Gin was on the list (who’d guess?) but it was nowhere to be easily found. We arrived at the checkout with other stuff - no, I wasn’t weeping - to find that all of the spirits are now housed in a glass case, under lock and key. One must ask the checkout person for the poison of one’s choice. I asked if ‘they’ had had pilfering going on and the checkout lad said that they had suffered £7,000 of losses in a couple of months. I must further perfect my technique :wink:

Soo xx


Horrendous for your poor mother indeed, but pretty devastating for the young Armers too. An awful, random accident.
Said she, stating the bleedin ’ obvious again.
Soo, some of yer pilfered gin to where it will do most good, please


Since you arsk so nicely, Gus, I have a spare bottle with your name onnit inna brown paper bag. Anna gentle hug for that painful rib xx

Bedtime for me, once I’ve treboucheted the contraband (I cut me fingers for this) off to a deserving Gus.

Best dreams, Cellarites,
Soo xx