So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I didn’t aim to impress, Armers. The clip just seemed vaguely aposite, at the time. But the lion didn’t stand a chance against the pig. Yay
Soo xx


Sorry Soo. What I meant is the King (Queen) of the jungle frequently comes off second best. Hardly what is says on the tin.


From the clip, it seemed that the lioness was missing her sistas. They seem to gang up in packs to take down the warthogs and the one in question was right up forra fight. I don’t suppose that this is the commonest of occurences!
Soo xx


An fine warthog, certainly
Not sure that a sprog gnawing your tail is the best prelude to a spot of hunting. Bloody kids, eh?


She gave it a kick. Maybe that’s where I’ve gone wrong…

Mr Bee hazz mastered the Bread Maker (Hallelujah!) and is now making wholemeal bread to his heart’s content. Or, his belly’s. Either way I am very happy about this, as I don’t often eat the stuff and he izz well chuffed.

How’s your rib pain, Gus?

Soo xx


The trouble with breadmakers - at least, the ones we had - is that whatever time you save on mixing and kneading is cancelled out by them being a bugga to clean. I’ve yet to find a properly dishwasher-safe one.

Besides, the kneading is great way to relieve stress…

A word of (no doubt entirely unnecessary) practical advice: be very careful with the flour you use. I tried Tesco’s brown a while back and produced a series of bricks. Tasted OK, but no real texture. I find roughly 50/50 strong white to coarse ground wholemeal works well. (It’s especially important with the breadmaker, since you can’t feel the texture and consistency yourself.)


That’s a good hint, joe. We’ve had the opposite problem: a couple of loaves ‘hitting the top’ and this evening’s was no exception. Lots of air innit…but as long as he’s happy. And eating the product!

Good night, Cellarites.

Soo xx


Nasty at present, dere wee Bee, as I has the snotters anna tickly froat anna koff. Sodslaw, innit?
I yelp in a poodleish fashion from time to time, quivering me poodleish curls the while :slight_smile:


Proper poodles don’t yelp for less than a leg being lopped off without anesthetic

Proper poodles are brave creatures


Then you had better file me under Improper Poodle, i suppose, dere.


Orf to me nest.


< loud grinnity >


And back again, far too early. Tseep tseepy flamin’ tseep.



of course.


Bacon butties on the table

I love improper people and beasties

As someone who in her yoof rode a motorbike with a poliss skirt and a fag through a full face helmet I identify with that there poodle onna bike


I don’t suppose any clever Cellarite knows why I have a nagging feeling that today, 10 July, is significant/important in some way.
What haven’t I done?


I cannot help there Gus

I was reading about the expressions of tradition in NI

Madness utter madness

One is glad to reside in the 28 counties at this time of year


This one is even worser


1553 – Lady Jane Grey takes the throne of England.
1921 – Belfast’s Bloody Sunday: Sixteen people are killed and 161 houses destroyed during rioting and gun battles in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
1940 – World War II: The Vichy government is established in France.
1962 – Telstar, the world’s first communications satellite, is launched into orbit.
1985 – The Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior is bombed and sunk in Auckland harbour by French DGSE agents, killing Fernando Pereira.


Ordered a Beetle? Last ones being are built today.


Can’t help you with that, but I forgot my appointment to have a Warfarin blood-test this morning. Blast it. They have moved it to next week.

For reasons I cannot begin to understand, They have chosen to put a counterflow on the main road at the bottom of our road (from which the main road is the only exit) such that the traffic is solid back to the motorway in one direction and almost to town in the other. When I went past it last night there was nothing at all in the space marked off by bollards and conical hats: no machinery, no hole in the road, no nothing, just the traffic-lights at each end. It has now been like that for three days.

I can get out to the left towards the motorway, but cannot get back except by going round the houses on the other side of the main road and coming at it through a row of cars waiting to go into town; this road has really savage speed-bumps on it which frighten the DDD. The alternative is about five miles out of my way. I am Not Happy about this!