So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Not in that order.

(I CAN hunt you down y’know Joe).


Personally I have always held by

Stealing a Rhinoceros should not be attempted lightly.


Well, I am back home after a delightful and convivial weekend which could be deemed a miniature Cellar meet. With added Dear Delightful Dog, who is a hound of surpassing splendidness and an ornament to every occasion.

Hoping our Chatelaine is safely bedded down in the Gasthaus in her beloved eponymous region after a few pitchers and/or medicinals, about to embark on her Holiday Proper. Gxxx

And the Resident Idiot, who has been most carefully and fondly tended in my absence, keeps coming up and being sociable and whiskersome. Which is nice.

Lastly, and wrt Stealing a Rhinoceros



tseep TSEEP tseep.



I can have significant difficulty in poaching an egg, frankly.
Morning all.
Soo xx


Well, first you distract the guards…


Thanks - I’ll try that! And I’ll practice my silent approach to the beast.
Soo xx



You made me at least feel like an urchin with me cold nose pressed at the window while the gentry had fun inside

IE part of a splendid mini cellar meet

I am sincerely hoping our chatelaine is relaxing in her spiritual home


Twellsy, I have no doubt that had we knocked on the Fishly-Dunnocks’ door we’d have been cordially invited in.
Soo xx


Indeed. And inflatable mattresses would have been deployed, and Black Pig disembowelled for duvet and pillows.


I know that the Fishly Dunnock menage is one of supreme hospitality

Here in our garden the Bull is performing his daily examination of the cottage garden bed beside the terrace

He does a creditable imitation of Crowley as he tells the plants to grow

I’ll swear he is going to produce a micrometer to measure daily growth on a spreadsheet

Whatever a spreadsheet is!


Hmpf. Disembowel my great friend and trusty support, would you?


The Pig gets to fight back. It’s only fair.


Soo xx


Word from the Chatelaine is that there has been Excitement, but things are more or less under control and being sorted.


Sorted is Good.
Soo xx


I’m increasingly unimpressed by these lion thingies.


Indeed. Am less sure about Excitement, mind.
Sends soothing pitcherish thorts in a sarf-easterly direction.

Do anyone’s legs need breaking as a Warning?


Me Bruvver is on the job.


Not again. Where does he find 'em? Anyway, tell him to stop it at once and attend to more important matters.