So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Having been very well fed, again, I must consider the repacking of cases




Got no problem wiv a sp’awk. They may not be the brightest of birds but they know better than to offend me Bruvver.


Thatzz the spirit, Hedgers!
Wotzz the spirit?
Oh, there itizz!
Soo xx

Two things accomplished, this evening: a political rapprochement between close neighbours and us (no ground given on either side, but entente cordiale, nevertheless) and baked cod loin with roast potatoes, tomatoes and fennel with steamed broccoli enjoyed chez bee. Happy sippings.


Eta, again, and bad form, I wish you all a good night of sleep. Safe journeying to Carinthia and fuzzy hugs to all.
Soo xx


2 cases repacked & weighed

7 tables taken

I will have to wait & see if me 'ead drops orff…

Gin, Soo

Don’t ferget



Don’t ferget yer Hugs, Carinthia.
Soo xxxxxx


I won’t

Communication will improve when I get my act together



Do you not think that might be taking the packing a bit too far?


Christ onna Bike !

Tablets, I meant Tablets

Am closing down now, Dears , before I say summat stooopeeeed :wink:



Chatelaine safely whisked to airport. Last seen muttering darkly about having a smoke.



Good news that sparrer

As for my love of gulls - I grew up on a beach and we had gulls wot nested in the adjacent cliffs and on a small island about 50 yards off shore

I never once saw a gull attacking humans or stealing food
If we humans build on what was the poor gulls’ habitat and replace their feeding grounds with what appears to them to be ideal cliffs with nooks and crannies for their nests then who is at fault

The poor gulls - a land bird that feeds at sea (which we have fished to the point of starving the birds) are only tryng to survive in an alien habitat


Bristol is not a sea-port, and has never been one. Nor is Birmingham, nor Milton Keynes. These are places where I personally have witnessed gulls behaving aggressively towards humans who had not in any way aggressed against them. Nor was there food involved.


Waves to the Cellar Dwellers from Koeln-Bonn Hairyport .

The Smoking Lounge has been completely refurbished.

Beer next…

All cases have been checked in, so I only have 1 bag to deal with

The Sherpas can stand down…



i think we must agree to disagree about gulls

We all have our oddities - of of mine is Johnathon Livingstones

I am looking forward to this evening as we have the dvd of the film Fisherman’s Friend

It is flimed in Cornwall where we spent some very happy holidays


Anthropomorphising carried to a high art, that was. Seagulls do not have sufficient brain for abstracts of the sort in that book, any more than bunny wabbits weason like Blackberry.


A very generous reading…


I preferred Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet for my mysticism fix at the time those two books were coming out, the early seventies. It was reprinted about then and on sale in many of the same bookshops as the other two, usually with incense burning and a wind-chime somewhere on the premises; also crystals hanging in the windows to catch the light and throw rainbows if the sun shone.


I rather like the parody, found at among other places:

A priest asked,
What is Fate, Master?

And he answered:
It is that which gives a beast of burden its reason for existence.
It is that which men in former times had to bear upon their backs.
It is that which has caused nations to build by-ways from City to City upon which carts and coaches pass, and alongside which inns have come to be built to stave off Hunger, Thirst and Weariness.
It is that which has caused great fleets of ships to ply the Seven Seas wherever the wind blows.

And that is Fate? said the priest.

Fate… I thought you said Freight, responded the Master.

That’s all right, said the priest. I wanted to know what Freight was too.


Jonathan Livingstone Seagull.

I went to a boys school, it had a sister school unsurprisingly full of girls.

No-one from our lot was going to get any attention whatsoever from any of the girls unless you liked Barclay James Harvest (fairy-nuff tbh), Clifford T. Ward and could at least feign interest & empathy with the Seagull book.

It made you ‘deep’ you see.

I recall a great deal of wise nodding and a lot of vigourous agreeing about a book I never read.


Wot, neither of the words?