So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


There has to be a way of connecting the bottle-tops to a mechanism that delivers a bracing shock to the marauding dipsokleptic.


A picture of me Bruvver looking all disappointed and more-in-sorrow?




That would be an very scary picture

Add a few wires and a plug intil the mains

Can be opened safely by scanning a barcode into the raspberry pie that is in the circuit

We gin lovers must protect our supplies…

Bacon butties on the table


I am probably too late to protect a bacon buttie, bother it. But the DDD is very thoroughly walked…


I am making Bacon & Martyr Toasties using Cheesy Bread, Fishy

\________/ <----- Yer Plate



[innocent sidle]


Muffled Snork

\_______/<----- ‘Spares’

Steps smartly to one side…



I’d be a bit concerned about the effect of electrolysis on gin


Missin’ a couple of "r"s there…



I have only just woken up! For the second time today. Meditation last night went well, I’m getting better at it again, lovely pub supper, a session with my grief counsellor this morning and Then fish & chips for lunch - yes I am being a bit spoiled - then I was knackered and had a nap. I now have a nice cup of darjeeling and some time to myself.

Er, hadn’t tried that but I did know about the NUotM cos I got an email to tell me. Very nice if a bit of a shock, I think you all must’ve been a bit too kind with your likings. Or I’m the only new user all month, or something. Or I just talk too much! What if a better one comes along in the next 17 days though? It was only the 13th.

I did not know I was Out of Love. [sniff] It sounds very sad. Hopefully I’ve got some love back now it’s another day.

Hope everyone else is OK, I’ll have a read back now to see…


That is useful. Son-in-law is also a gin snob (but not a bit) which is a bit daunting. I never know what to buy or to offer him. Now I have something to surprise him with.

I don’t think son-in-law has any of that, but he does have an accidental sofa. I know no-one else who has a one of those.


Now you’re going to have to explain that, or I won;t be able to sleep for worrying.


There was a leftover home-made naan going a-begging this morning. Thought it would probably be past its best so tried splitting it and using it for toasties. Surprisingly good.


Tonic sofa (to go with unexpected gin)?


Where the L would you find that?


The Thing I Always Say about gin: try a blind test. That’s why the Aldi London Gin is now my tipple of choice.


He was awoken one morning by a man banging on the door, wot had come to deliver a sofa. SIL knew nothing about any sofa. Man said the note said he had purchased it 2 days previously in the shop next door to son-in-law’s favourite pub.

(Are you getting a clue yet?)

SIL did remember, slightly, spending a very long lunch break in said pub on the day in question. He did not remember buying a sofa. Examination of his credit card account online showed a payment for the sofa. He has called it his accidental sofa ever since.

It is, in fact, a very nice sofa. And was very expensive!


Ah, the things that can happen in a lunch break! Thanks for explaining.


Drunken sofa-purchasing seems very innocent, somehow, compared with the usual activities undertaken when one’s brain has been ceded to ethanol


But then, that might be the only one that left a “souvenir”, as it were…