So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I have a feeling that moderators and admin can like as much as they want to, too.


Fanta, I remember the Hayley Mills version much better than the book which I’m not even sure I ever read. And yes it was a tree. She was forbidden to go the the fair, wasn’t she, for I forget what reason and fell out trying to escape. Katy got better but wasn’t nearly as much fun afterwards. I blame Saintly Cousin Helen.


I did too!

Helen used to be a name I liked – Helen in E. Nesbit’s The Magic City was mostly the reason, I think – but not any more.


She was definitely run down by some public-spirited citizen in the book - although unaccountably they then failed to reverse over her to finish the job.


Me too, Janie



That makes perfect sense. I’ll try to be more discriminating in future, even if it does make me feel mean. Better than running out and only then seeing a post you really really really like extra enormously.

Anyway, it is my lucky night, it seems. OH has just offered a pub supper after meditation, so have a good evening all, I’ll see you tomorrow.


Edakes gorn for the day

I have made a coffee cake and given it to a girl with an injured brain from cancer

I promised to make one for her after she raised €250 by doing a sponsored walk for a suicide awareness and help prevent it charity

Good for her as she walked 5km and she lives in a wheelchair

That deserves a sticky gooey coffee cake I think


Have you tried clicking on your name? I did, and you are the ‘New User of the Month’ as well as being ‘Out of Love’!!


Have just bought my first bottle of Corley’s Gin and am about to embark on rigorous quality control testing.1 Any of you care to volunteer as assistants?

1As you many of you will be aware I’m a bit of a gin snob; I usually buy Boyle’s.


Oh, well, if you insist…



I have a Gunpowder gin for best and Corley’s for every day sort of quaffing


Just having a bit of a tidy up in the conservatory and discovered an unopened bottle of Boyle’s. I must have bought for Christmas / New Year then of course missed the whole lot. We can now do comparative tests…


Provides Bread, Cheese & Crackers so that you don’t get too Hissed…



How do you find unexpected gin?

I know my gin level at all times


I am leaving that one strictly alone.


I sometimes exceed mine, Twellsy. But, don’t tell anyone.
Because of That Joe, I have added That Irish craft job to my birthday present list. All suggested gifts are below £30, as my family are all sufficiently concerned with paying bills and keeping their heads above water.

Sometimes, dinner chez bee hits the mark. Tonight was trout with slivered almonds, garlic-fried green beans, capers and boiled potatoes. Very conservative, but it wozz good.

By the way - I shall be going to see Swan Lake, tomorrow evening. My friend just tutted at my lateness and ordered the tickets.

Soo xx


Goodnights, Cellarites.
Soo xx


I hope that you took yer Gin, Soo



Not guilty, m’lud. Different other chap. The only “That Joe” I know is a singer. A rather good one—and a very nice chap, too.


I knew I’d bought an extra bottle; the unexpected bit was finding it unopened. I’d assumed it had been polished off while I was languishing in 'orse piddle.