So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I am lucky

Yon Bull sorts that out

I have a new job upcoming at rallies

Sort of a tracker in car that will tell you where they are and at what time

Great fun watching numbers running round a map on my screen


TVs. How quaint. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is GPS good enough for that, or do you need to get more cunning?


Snork, Dunnock

I managed the last retune only last month - over a year late

Can’t remember what I did, either

Liberates another Pitcher



2 sims in the beasties so hopefully we get a rough idea of location from GPS - enough to tell where an accident is and who was held up helping them and for how long so we can give em a scratch time

And when they are at control points if the timekeeper’s scribble is inchomprehensible


Why so, Carinthia?

Our PC izz feeling its age - more precisely, we are feeling its age. It’s too slow to catch cold and is doing weird stuff, too. Mr Bee wants to replace it, next month and I agree that, after 10 years of service, this is reasonable. However, I see absolutely no reason (you can see that I am warming to my theme) why the keyboard and monitor should also be given the heave-ho. The speakers can dos off (they’re hopeless) but I dislike chucking functioning stuff out. This announcement is brought to you by a bee who refuses to get rid of a 30 year-old tumble dryer, just because it’s gorn yellow.

I feel better, already.

Soo xx


If the keyboard has the PS/2 plug design

then there may not be a socket for it on the new machine, which could be USB-only.

Similarly the old monitor may not have the right input for a new graphics card.



Channel 4+1 & More4 have retuned themselves,on both TVs


No PC here, just a 12 year old Waptop with an even Wappier Operator… :joy:

The speakers no longer work properly, so I use a headset which prolly makes me look slightly more efficient than I am


Time we opened a Bottle :champagne:

I’m giddy with excitement that my Techie Brain (!) is not required…



Ugh. You speak sense, Hedgers. I’m not getting rid of the dryer, however.


Soo xx


Our tumble dryer is 32 years old , Soo

We inherited it from Aged Aunt

It sits in the Utiddly Room at the end of the garage

It was used almost every day of the 4.5 years that Mr C was ill

It now gets used fer sheets, duvet covers & towels - the heavy cotton stuff



Quite right too. There was one abandoned on the stairs outside a flat Hedgers moved into, once, which in no way fitted into the flat; I took it away and it was used occasionally for jeans someone simply had to wear tomorrow or clothes that needed to be dry before they were packed.

That machine must have been at least twenty years old by the time I abandoned it in a house that was going to be sold; I expect it was thrown away by the new people as part of the complete reconstruction they went in for.



Had a message on the TV screen arsking me to retune

Sodding Technology


I found Auto-retune on both TVs & it appears to have worked

Need another :champagne:

Anna lie-down



Gracious, you are having a Day, aren’t you. Pore Chatelaine.


[pourity] :cocktail:


First World problems, Fishy, I just get frustrated if I can’t make things work myself & there are no handy 5 year olds to sort it :wink:

[Grateful Sippity]



I got back at just the right time didn’t I?

But not for long, I’ll be off out shortly to my monthly meditation thing, which is part of the coping with grief strategy I’m working on at the mo. It seems to help.

Oh and I can like again, for now anyway.


This rationing of ‘likes’ - what the heck is it about? Shall we call it the Pollyanna Rule: if you get too glad about anything you get rapped over the knuckles?

Not that I wish to rap yours, of course, but I wouldn’t have minded pushing Pollyanna into a great big muddy puddle and saying, ‘There, go on, be glad about that!’

Anyhow, have a good session. xx


I don’t know what it’s about but in a funny sort of way I like the silliness of it. Makes me feel naughty if I like anything at all, here or irl, after I’ve been told I mustn’t. The Pollyanna Rule is a perfect name for it. And I know exactly what you mean about the muddy piddle.

(Why did I type muddy piddle? I have no idea but it’s to good to correct.))

Thanks, I’ll do my best.


The idea of the ration, I think, is that likes shouldn’t be applied indiscriminately; if every post gets liked there’s no way for the system to tell the popular ones from the unpopular.


The author pushed her out of a great big tree and said “There! Be glad about that!” for you, didn’t she? Or was that only in the film, and the book had her run over? I know that Katy fell out of an unsafe swing so that can’t have been how Pollyanna crippled herself…


Good point. I have been liking TFM’s posts with total lack of discrimination with the hopes of raising her quotient of likes. And like SooBee I tend to use it to show I’ve read something.

Oh, TFM, it is also used for sympathy, so if Twellsy gets a lot of likes for her 'eadaches, doesn’t mean we are glad about that of course!