So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Am abit particular about processed meat products, Fishy

They may have been languishing somewhere unrefrigerated for an hour or more

\___________/ <----- Help yerselves

Any left (!) will make what is known here as ‘Turd in the Hurl’ tomorrow
Wiv onion gravy, natch

Keep going, TFM

It will soon get used to you

I believe that Soo’s Internetty is falling over so she may not be in fer her Gin



That rarely happens, TFM. We just make our own timescales to suit…ourselves. And, for what it’s worth, I just ‘like’ left, right and centre and never concern myself with the consequences. My Internet connection did a Very Weird Thing, forra couple of hours. Your fellow Cellarites might say that wozza blessing.


Soo xx


Aye, reet.
Soo xx


So do you think I should try another like, and just see what happens?

Buggrit, I’ll give it a go. Venturing bravely forth…


Ha ha! I got the message all over again, and it’s still 19 hours. But the like registered.

I am a rebel. (Always was a rebel really.)


Bedtime for me, we retire (and arise) early here at the Funny Farm. Sleep well all. xx


Good! But, kicking against the traces is not necessarily necessary, here, (but you’ll fit in fine, should you wish so to do, I think).

Soo xx



I have been edakes that are sorted by a cranial occipital nerve block every three months

Caused by benign inter cranial pressure otherwise known as water on the brain

I am due my stabbings in ten days so I am head ache prone now

I have a supply of morphine for when I need it

Also called poppy juice pills


I feel for you, Twellsy.
Soo xx
ETA: I’m away to bed.
Goodnights, Cellarites.
Soo xx



Have you been told that you are a sweetheart today?

Well you are a wee dote of a fuzzy bee

So there


A feckin menace is what you are, wumman.

and for the avoidance of doubt, that is a term of approbation.


No? Well so long as I can still kick just a little bit…

Then I do wish to, I like it here. Thank you Soo.

[[blush] Gosh! thanks. I tries my best.


Twells, ouch! That sounds horrid, I’m sorry you have to put up with that. Thank God for poppy juice, it is brilliant when you need it.

Thinks: Maybe I’ll be a little less like-happy from now on. Doesn’t seem right to ‘like’ a post like that really.


Morning, TFM. I sprinkle ‘likes’ about as much as anything to show that I have read the posts. It helps that I like the folks round here, of course. And, that there is a lot to like in their posts.

That’s prolly as clear as mud.

Soo xx


Perfectly clear thanks Soo, and matches my own reasons for ‘liking’ pretty much exactly.

I’m still being told off for liking, but it seems I only have to wait 7 hours now before it stops being naughty to do so. That’s in spite of the fact that I’ve been merrily liking away in the meantime. It’s all quite wonderfully surreal.



I sort hope that when I like a post it is read as sympathy fellow feeling or just plain gentle hugs




Warm day expected round here.



That’s a lovely way of looking at it. I expect I’ll do the same now.


D’you know, I thought my likes were still working in spite of my ban but now I discover that although they show at first, when I return to the thread they have disappeared. Hey ho. I’ll be able to like you all again in 6 hours.


I can see them, TFM

Apparently, those of us with TVs have to retune them today

This could be fun…

Liberates Pitcher