So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I have just been informed that my supply of likings is limited. This is a new concept to me. Will the bruvver sparrer come and get me if I don’t stop liking things?


Um. Not come across that before. Don’t fret about it. I expect something needs hitting wivva spanner.


Good. Then I shall like away but keep a spanner handy.


Or a sparrer.


The more posts you make that people like, and the more likes you get, the faster your user rank goes up. (If you find yourself running short of allowed posts, be aware that you can reply to more than one message at once - highlight the bit you want to reply to and press the “Quote” button that comes up, and it’ll copy that bit into your reply.)


Thanks for the info. And, how many likes do I need before I get to be a Field Marshal?

(Though come to think of it, marshalling fields sounds tricky.)


Back row of Contraltos


Woman next to me sang ‘Arse’ very loudly

We both had to sit down & weep…

Came back from Mass via the Co-op

They were selling Best Sossinges (97% Outdoor -reared Pork) at 25p per packet of 6

I bought Severial, & they are in the oven now

Form an orderly queue in half an hour…



[puts down Sossinge Reservation]


What ?? That’s amazinge (that’s how it was spelt on the van).

I need 12 packs. I’ll send £2.50 by pigeon.


where the bangers roam free and are safe from the predation of mankind?


Thanks for the ‘Home, Home on the Range’ earworm, Fanta!


I deny any responsibility, because it hadn’t even occurred to me; and now you have given it to me!

Except that I have it in the form “Home, home on LeGrange”, a filk song about which I can remember literally nothing except that line – which I think is worse, because I can’t even look it up to get rid of it.


If today wasn’t the sell by date, then I would have frozen them

Azzit is, I am cooking them all, in the (fat) hope of having some cold for tomorrow…

The Co-op Bargain Shelves are rather good, if you time it right. That’s the source of Large Chickens at £1-50

None today though



The daft beggars put copyright on it, but this fellow has permission:

Search for “give me a locus”.


Why should you not have frozen them? Sell by and use by are not the same date.


I had just recollected

Where the space debris always collects,
We possess, so it seems, two of Man’s greatest dreams:
Solar power and zero-gee sex.

before I saw your poster, Hedgers. The rest, I admit, was not stored in memory at all.


Oh poo! I’m too late.

I would definitely have wept with you, had I been there. I don’t think Lou would have known what arse meant at the time I made her laugh with my bum (so to speak), she was not yet 4 iirc. But you never know.


Ooooo kaaaay… I’ve now been told I must wait 19 hours before I can like anything again.

I mean, it does seem just a little harsh. I was about to get myself a glass of wine, does the forum think that will be permitted, if I promise not to like it?

(I like this board more & more though, the little messages are nothing if not entertaining.)


That is totally weird. Never mind, we know you’re liking us in your thoughts!


Indeed I am. At the risk of sounding vaguely Scandinavian, I am liking you all very much indeed.

It totally is! Apart from anything else, why 19 hours? It seems both oddly random and oddly specific. But wonderfully idiosyncratic.