So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Always the rational one, joe.
Soo xx


You really don’t know me, do you? :wink:


Wozz just buttering you up, tbh. Your logical thought on smiles and large drinks was a mastermind class, mind you.
Soo xx


Job done

It will prolly last another 5 years…

Drains BM



I’m back in the land of the virtual after a delightful and busy weekend. All day yesterday and all afternoon today with BestBrother (who I haven’t seen since Lou’s memorial service) and PoorOldMum (who is thrilled and happy to have him to stay).

Now I’m tired and thirsty (hint hint) and daunted by how many posts you’ve all made in my absence. I’m about to attempt to read back.


Aw, thank you JJ. I hope to get round to chatting about TA but I’m struggling to keep up with just this thread so far. I must learn to type faster.


VodkaSparrer to the rescue!


[flappity] [flappity] [flappity] [flappity] [flappity][flappity][flappity]


[flappity][flappity][flappity] [flappity] [flappity] [flappity]

Who was that masked sparrer? Nobody knows…


[swig] [glug] [glug] [glug] [glug] [glug] [glug] [glug]

[happy sigh]

(I can type much faster using c&p)


I’ve been away too long to know what is wrong Twells, but it sounds nasty and I hope it will improve. Sympathies anyway.


I think it’s more that they have difficulty remembering

The “Mark of Zporrow” slashed in the antimacassars is a bit of a giveaway, though…


They shouldn’t have insulted me Bruvver.


Welcome to the Funny Mummy.

Go on then. Tell us a joke.


Blimey! They were lucky it was just the antimacassars…


TFM, in case you don’t know, That Bird’s bruvver likes to see fings get (sniff, move matchstick from one side of beak to the other) Broke.


I know of an unneutered Tom* who did that.

* :bulb:I have had a Good Idea…


I’m not sure I should like this, Gus. Me being all fuzzily beely and all.
Soo xx


Werll, it would probably remove the risk of having yer soft furnishings sprayed by the SLT, as well as stopping him from forming any further ill-advised relationships. Rather cruel not to, in fact.


Would have saved Kirsty a fair bit of trouble too. But I suppose every silver lining has its cloud…


Hm, I don’t really do jokes…

Though I was originally christened a funny mummy because I shouted ‘bum’, very loudly, in a busy street.

I could do that again if you like. But not today because my road is very quiet and I intend to stay in for the rest of the day.


I did not know that, thanks. I’ll be careful never to insult any sparrows from now on though, just in case. Can’t be too careful.