So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Meanwhile we have people coming over tomorrow and the vacuum cleaner is not working: the brush-head isn’t turning and it is therefore not sweeping. And yes, the manual about how to remove the brush-head is available but I am unsure whether that will do any good.

It is less than six months old, and being my vacuum cleaner has not been getting a lot of use…


Is there thread wrapped around it, Fishy , or a blockage somewhere ?

Can SpotSorryBot get started, or will DDD be after it ?



Solved by F’T. Apparently vacuum cleaners are now sufficiently advanced that being a Computer Whisperer works on them.


I cleaned it completely before abandoning hope.

It turns out there was a cunningly concealed “on/off” switch for it pretending to be the button that turns the whole thing on…
…and so close to the on/off switch as to be easily moved when you press that.


Inventions that did not succeed:



That’s in the same drawer as Edison’s determination to prove that DC electrickery was superior to AC and to prove the point he made a display, in a theatre, and wired an whole effalump to it.

Edison, despite his fame, was a bit of an idiot … & a patent thief who’s brother in law worked at the patent office. Yes, the very one where patents used to go missing. (But sssshh if there’s an Hamerican around. They don’t want to hear it).


:beers: fer FT

Meatballs wiv homemade Martyr Sauce here tonight, with some sort of pasta if I CBA



Kebabs of salmon, mixed pepper, tomato, courgette and mushrooms happened chez bee. Mr Bee made this, tout seul - although I ‘made’ the marinade. 'Twas luvverly.

We watched ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, as recommended by DS. Hmmmm. I must not overthink this.

Otherwise, I have been reading ‘My Brilliant Friend’ by Elena Ferrante.

Soo xx


Anyhoo, I must away to bed.
Kindest wishes to all denizens of the Cellar.
Soo xx


G’night, Soo.


Gin, Soo

Don’t ferget yer Gin



A salty wet climate is indeed our problem dear chatelaine

Stainless steel rusts too

Sunday so Ulster fry for the cellarati is on the table

Eggs under cover so a Gus is safe


Breakfast Beer can be the best beer of the day.



Well it shouldn’t. It’s obviously lacking in chromium.


Apparently, it helps to passivate the stainless steel with ‘Citrisurf’. This is brought to the Cellar after extensive research. Ahem.

We’ve had a drive out to buy (yet) two more, salt-glaze pots for the garden. Having had terrible luck with growing hostas (AKA the curse of the gastropods) Mr Bee discovered that those planted in s-g pots were unaffected. He izz now going wild (wild, I tell you) with a new collection of hostas. The chap at the pottery knows us by sight and gave us a large discount on the two pots we bought (as he did when it wozz our ruby wedding anniversary, a few years ago and we had roses to plant).

I hope that Twellsy’s edake has subsided/bogged off.

Soo xx


I have seen those pots of which you speak, Soo, & they are, indeed, gorgeous

Hostas, eh


The plug on the bathroom sink needs attention -I heard dripping noises, & realised that the Heath-Robinson Contraption* has worn through

*An huge paper-clip bent to fit

I have located the spare Heath-Robinson Contraptions in an old cigar tin, & am about to effect an repair



Loud smile, Carinthia! That’s ma gal.

Soo xx


I do hope that Loud Smile = Large Drink…



It most certainly does, Darling.

Have your five-a-day, while we’re on:

Soo xx


On the principle that “If A=B, then B=A” I would think so.