So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Flooding is at least a hundred yards from here (we are on Midland Road):


Right I have had a grumpy chat with myself and I am sorry to have been so gloomy

So it’s on with the motley and plaster the smile on

I hate being unwell

So I have been daft and eaten a bar of chocolate

The posh stuff that they sell here

Hand made with salted chilli :hot_pepper: in a dark milk chocolate

It’s seriously grown up stuff that makes you tingle about the mouth

Now about my roommate

In the nanoseconds between her innumerable family calling she is trying to talk to me

She is deaf

I can just about manage a whisper

What is the flaw in that sort of conversation?

She must think I am a sad case with only one visitor in 48 hours

She opted to stay for two more steroid shots

I would flee with handfuls of the pills


Dear Twellsy, don’t apologise for being gloomy: think we any of us might well be pretty gloomy in your situation. ‘Gloomy with chilli chocolate’ is better than just plain Gloom, though - sounds gorgeous. The capsaicin will do you good, I’m sure. And the cocoa content. Health food, really, looked at in the right light.

Your roommate sounds a pain and a pill and superfluous to requirements. How open to bribery are the nursing staff? I’m thinking some very unhippocratic thoughts about her.
My usual night chat with the Ma ended in disaster and a flurry of 'orrible coughing, which I thought was odd, since it hadn’t been like that the rest of the day. But then she pointed out I probably hadn’t talked during the rest of the day, which, apart from the occasional observation to or greeting of the Patchfaced Oaf, was indeed the case. For the sake of her eardrums, we cut things rather short.

We hate you being unwell too, you know.

<< hugs >>


On the whole I am not in favour of illness for anyone! Well, no – there are some politicians I feel would be improved by a severe bout of laryngitis, but that’s a special case…

I am in the process of trying to decide what to do tomorrow. I have been normal of temperature and the rest for two days now, and I am feeling Fine, and I really want to see the various good people I am meant to be seeing this weekend, and I doubt very much that I am infectious; on the other hand argh decisions decisions.

I think I will see how I sleep tonight and make up my mind when I get up.


And also see what the weather is likely to be like? Because poor conditions make for a very tiring day of it.
Hope that you will be feeling fine and conditions set fair, but do please be a Prudent Fish.


Such is my intention, Gus. No, really. I have been known to be sensible. There was that time in 1987, for instance…


Feather warcast says rain.


Now there’s a surprise …:japanese_ogre:


Fishers, yer only having to cross the “flooding is possible - be prepared” zone, and the venue itself has no warnings at all.


Which is a bit strange when one thinks about it :wink:


Have recently returned from Neighbour’s abode, having scoffed a Very Good Curry. Given that we have political views which are diametrically opposed to the other three present, it was a relief that no related subject was dredged up - I think that my refusal to engage, over recent months, has paid off. No point in trying to persuade them that they are Wrong.

Twellsy, you have a right to feel gloomy. Who wouldn’t, as poorly as you are and with such a shite room-mate? However, joining Carinthia in the ‘unable to cast on’ bench, I think that you should applaud your achievements as do I. Wishing you a better tomorrow.

Good nights, all.

Soo xx


Gin, Dahlink

You have been a Good Girl



Gin’s Good! I had two cans of alcohol-free beer. Belch.

Soo xx


Oh dear. I did that once, well bottled, or maybe draft … I have an allergy to canned beer (true). It was the sort Laurie McMenemy advertised at the time he got caught drink driving. I ended up with the absolute worst hangover.


Baltika, available from Aldi, comes in proper bottles and is remarkably palatable.


The non-alcohol-free ain’t bad either.

Orf to me nest.


So I understand, but I’ve yet to track any down


Lidl have had it in occasionally.

The Russian wife of a friend of mine burst out laughing on hearing this, because apparently there it’s regarded as the alcoholic’s choice (presumably the ones who can’t afford vodka). But we’re pretty sure it’s not the sane stuff.



Insane beer? This I must try.

Good morning btw.


“Same”, even.

The river is topping its banks in a polite but insistent manner.

At breakfast, the waitress warned us that the bus station and one of the roads out of town were closed.

Also we have Fog.

All in all a good day to stay in and play boardgames.