So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


For them as does, I’m sure that pie is a very fine thing. Revolutionary, though?


That looks A Mazing*, Gus. Lost in admiration here.

And finished so quickly too!


Thank you all. It’s such a fabulous yarn - 774 metres of it. Light as a feather - with beads, the piece weighs just 103g.

Oaf’s main ambition in life at the moment, which I thwart most determinedly, seems to be to Get Onto It. Perhaps I should buy him his own cashmere goat.


Werl, if refined slightly it could be a full breakfast with a handle.


That is Bluddy Luvly, Gus.

Makes having finished the cuffs on the Stranded Sweater look very ordinary by comparison, that does. Also Oh My! Oh My!


No it bollocking well doesn’t, Fishy. I have seen that sweater - the completed yoke, anyway - and it is a gorgeous piece of work. They are entirely different styles of thing is all.

Just wanted to crow about having Finished! An awful lot of R3 went into the making of that cape ;- )


It is a very justified crow.

This seems to be my day for pomes remembered from childhood:

To Be or Not To Be

I sometimes think I’d rather crow
And be a rooster than to roost
And be a crow. But I dunno.

A rooster he can roost also,
Which don’t seem fair when crows can’t crow.
Which may help some. Still, I dunno.

Crows should be glad of one thing, though;
Nobody thinks of eating crow,
While roosters they are good enough
For anyone unless they’re tough.

There’s lots of tough old roosters though,
And anyway a crow can’t crow,
So mebbe roosters stand more show.
It looks that way. But I dunno.


Gosh yes, I remember that one now, too. Hadn’t thought of it for years. Aeons.


Mr Rooster, he can get up there and make a big fuss. But Mr Crow, he wins in the end.



That is just stunning

I am slinking off to the knitting failures corner

My cardi is garter stitch and nuffink else


A crow got into the coop a couple of years ago. We know this because we found a beak, part of the skull and a few ragged black fevvers.


Bah! Unslink from that corner immediately, Twellsy. Nothing wrong with garter stitch - it can be exceedingly attractive.

How is the breathing going?


Gasping really

And sweating cobs at the effort of even lifting the bag of complete knitting panels of cardi to measure the side sizes together

I am pleased to have been a clever old bag though

I got my hair a bit clean today using dry shampoo that I have in my hospital bag
Waist length greasy sweat sodden hair is not a good look

And I managed a bit of a bed bath so it’s one step better than a baby wipe clean of the smelly patient

I was also bright enough to put a marker in the cardi so I know which is neck edge and which is armholes edge

Good things the stitch markers

I just feel so bad boasting about my knitting while there are such good knitters in the cellar

So I am just going to join my inner Eeyore in a gloomy place


I don’t ‘like’ you being in a Gloomy Place, Twellsy dere: that was a sympathetic ‘like’. Gasping and sweating at minimal effort is enough to get anyone down, though. Am wishing you better very hard indeed.
G xxx


Clearly they were too orangey for crows.


You have to remember that yer modern chicken (and ostrich) is basically a bonsai T. Rex…



It’s notta competition you know

Some ovvus can’t even cast on



Gus, are you making an beaded button for the cape?



I don’t think so. Need to find a suitable normal one somewhere. It’s not a huge buttonhole.


I have my mother’s complete button collection in umpteen Gold Block tins provided by my father…