So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I didn’t suggest that the Priest was complaining, Twellsy!
Soo xx


I have been invited out to Lunch

After a fine morning, there is a big black cloud overhead




Where will you go for lunch, with whom and what shall you wear, Carinthia? Bees need to know Stuff.
Soo xx


So do daft old bats

I am about ten rows from the end of my cardigan
4 ply is NOT a quick knit for enough to go round my dainty frame


Isn’t it mainly under water?


I’m starting to think that I should take up knitting…Has your breathing settled?

Has anyone listened to ‘Skeletons in the Cupboard’ on Radio 4? I found it very funny.

Soo xx


{{{Whisper}}} … he’s not really there at all Twellsy !! :scream::scream::scream:


Only on the East. The White Rose side. aka The Wrong Side or The Losing side.

Just spent 4 hrs in our garden.


November: what is point?

A cut-your-throat-for-the-sport-in-it kind of a day.


November Poem

No sun - no moon!
No morn - no noon -
No dawn - no dusk - no proper time of day.
No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
No comfortable feel in any member -
No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds! -

(by Thomas Hood)


I wore my grey/blue/black skirt wivvan black top & grey jacket anna toning scarf knitted for me in very skin-friendly bamboo yarn

I was collected by an Hurtling Masked Birdie

Nearest pub’ wasn’t serving food, so we went elsewhere



Matlock & Matlock Bath (!) are still under water today, Gus



Hurrah! for Sparrers of Passage. Must admit I did wonder if there was any connection between the northward hurtling and the lunch invitiation.


I am just delighted that Carinthia was lunched out by a dear wee birdie

Friends are treasures aren’t they?


Oooh. I like that. It certainly sums up my view of this time of year … notwithstanding today’s beautiful weather here.


Took about 2 hours to get round Derby mind. It’s a bit flooded already and the river is running high. Now I have the last car park space har har.


The Thing is finished. Well, apart from weaving in the ends, blocking and attaching a button it is.


That looks ab-fab, Gus.
Soo xx


That’s absolutely beautiful, Gus

Virtuous Font On

I have applied polish to shoes & boots

Virtuous Font Orff

Virtuous Font is put away until required

Prolly when I shine them up :wink:



Cor blimey Gus!

All I can offer is a revolution in dining, the all-day breakfast pie.

contains egg