So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?



We have Wevver Warnings 'cos of the Epic & Biblical, which isn’t stopping

It’s ok on my road, but 'buses have been diverted in other parts of the town

It’ll be a raincoat over me Negligible then…



Be careful dear chatelaine

We need you

So there

Gus dear

I suspect that the nurses would help me out by corralling the we gerrruuummmm factories


Urgggh. Had one of them in the bed next to me when I was incarcerated. Wall-to-wall loud snotty brats. And their offspring.

No sooner had he been moved than the patient opposite started getting regular massage/relaxation treatment. Which had to be done to music*. Why the feck can’t they do that sort of thing in a separate room?

*I use the term loosely. There is a limit to how much Liberace Plays Broadway Melodies I can take at the best of times–and it was exceeded by about bar 5 of the first number. Strapped to a bed, on a drip, with a hole in my ankle and tubes in all sorts of embarrassing places (courtesy of their buggering up my kidney function), that threshold gets very low indeed…


“I didn’t even know you could use bleach in a super soaker.”


That is not music Joe

That is torture

At least the clinic insists on earphones for radio and telly

The tellies at each bed ONLY can be heard with earphones

This is a great blessing

I can live without a man in a frock coming preying at me every morning too

With or without the bell and worry beads

But I am a heathen and I know that gives great comfort to many people

I just wonder about my shorts and t shirt pyjamas driving to poor monks blind



That thing about whole families attending their injured/poorly ones drives me bonkers. How they are all off w#rk/school etc. to achieve such huge audience numbers beats me. Passing the crisps around, burping, farting, ugh. I needs gin.

Soo xx


I have had my rant for today so I am just pondering why I am so hot 🥵

The alpaca 🦙 cardi on my lap has nothing to do with it I trust…


If you’re feeling uncomfortably hot, Twellsy, you might mention it to the staff…
Soo xx


Dozy Bugga, Twellsy

The man in the next bed to my Father in the Orsepiss used to love it when the Priest came every day, as he too got a Blessing

We would be hard put to get a visit every day in these difficult times - it seems that they want plenty of notice of when we might be about to shuffle orff, & all that jazz…

When my time comes, I will wager that, if itizz the current incumbent, he’ll be busy…

Inna smashing Frock…

When Mr C was in Orsepiddle for the 2nd time in 2007, the man in the bed opposite** was visited by his Fambly twice a day . All-singing, dancing, eating & drinking

Because I am an Nit-picking Ratbag, I noticed that, in the 5 days which I observed them , no-one had changed their outer garments.
I was at that time, showering & changing 3 times daily, because of the high risk of infection

The Nurse used to take bets on what I would be wearing… :wink:

** The man in the bed opposite was also very deaf, & I complained, when his terminal diagnosis was shouted at him during afternoon visiting, with only a flimsy curtain between him & the other 5 patients & their visitors

My complaint ( which was really meant in a constructive way, but FFS),was upheld , & after that, no Dr was allowed to interfere with visiting, unless an Emergency, & mealtimes became protected too

Proffers Noo Bottle of Gin fer Soo

Opens Noo Bottle of Vodka fer self



Oh, I expect it has something to do with it, Twellsy dere. But Soo is right. Mention it to the keepers.


I am just sweating at the least exertion

Possibly related to the increased heart rate due to one lung being seized

I am being looked after and the staff are so good I know I will persuade the lung to get working again
I have had screens for all sorts of infections and they are all negative


Have you tried turning it off and on again?

[ginnity] and orf to me nest.


Can you not ask for it back?


I’ve just done the ‘knit, removing all stitch markers’ row on The Thing.
It’s like taking one’s stays off. And the button boots.


Lumme. Look after yerself, Gus; we wouldn’t want limpet-bits embedded in the walls. (They’re a pain to get out.)

I am about to hurtle North for the weekend. I do like a good hurtle.



Safe hurtling, Hedgers.
Soo xx


I hear it’s grim up there. Take care.


I have been fed watered medicated doctor seen and in a quiet few minutes I went to the bathroom escorted by a nurse

When done I rang the nurse and was hanging on my walker gasping and the door opened onto the blurry monk in a white embroidered white frock waving the bell and the cup of holy communion At me

The bugger is stalking me!


I suggest a change of apparel, Twellsy - those shorts and t-shirts are clearly too alluring.

Soo xx


I have just managed a bit of a wash and a good cleaning of my tests

I am now wrecked and just about breathing

Gasping really

Today’s jamas have a mermaid tail and on the t shirt and a pattern of scales in metallic blue on the shorts

I do like to be a bit daft while getting comfy in the hospital

It’s too hot year round so shorts are my apparel and knickers to them as complain