So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


:crossed_swords: for two
:beer: for one


Oh is it beer o’clock?



So did Grannie Clampett.

Mr. Drysdale heard about it & planned to make his fortune from conning the old lady out of the formula.

She explained the foul poultice and made a batch in a tub in the see-ment pond. She explained how to apply it & when and that after careful use the cold symptoms would disappear after 2 weeks !!


Twellsy, it’s beer o’clock as soon as the yardarm is called…


The forecast weather for Killin is declining, steadily, in pleasantness. Honestly, it is very difficult to pack a sufficiency of appropriate stuff in a Fiesta. So, I haven’t done any ovvit. Hah! Bring it on forecasters, I shall make my own mind up in spite of you.

Soo xx


We’ll send the Gin on ahead, Soo

Don’t worry about it

I have made Soup this evening…



What breed of soup, Carinthia?
I made stuffed courgettes and they were good enough. A small amount of anchovies added a certain je ne sais quoi, I believe. These are ‘on spesh’ chez bee. I only have ten cans in the cupboard and must rush to Lidl on our return forra stock-up :wink:
Soo xx


Vegetable, Soo , although an extended sort of Pea Soup really

It’s abit chilly here, TBH, although prolly me



Cold here

And I have a cold

Whiskey might be taken

Just to wash the parrots down


Soup sounds good. The weather, well…I think that I have had it easy, today. It was around 22°C, this afternoon. I spent some ovvit enclosed in the aforementioned Fiesta while Mr Bee thoroughly cleansed the outer bits at Tesco. No escape, stupid moi. No Dogs were annihilated in this escapade.

Twellsy, poor dear, have some whiskey or what might w#rk.

Soo xx


bit like a runner bean, then?


Oh Spit!
May the forecasters have been plagued with the Lice of Wrongness.

Layers, dere, layers, wiv lightweight waterproofs in case. In case, in Fiesta.
And hasta la vista, wee Bee ;- )


I’ll be hereabouts until Saturday morning, Gus xx
I’m not, really, bothered about the weather but, having put on a dress/trouser size since December, I am uncertain as to what I have available to pack, iyswim. There’s the rub - literally!

Soo xx


Yeah, but I thought of the line now

Sympathy. I too have expanded a bit and the summer wardrobe is less knitted forgiving


I know and I am very happy to read your thoughts (scary bee, me).

Soo xx


You have no idea how convincing my Schwartzenegger voice is, in my dreams mind


I used to be able to scare a gang of youths at 50 yards without really yelling

Parade ground voice and knowledge of the local low lives are a great advantage to a police hofficer you know


There are many more deserving of your Schwartzenegger voice, Gus. But, I happily reply hasta luego and wish you best dreams.

Soo xx


I’m mainly hoping you won’t be that cold, dere Bee.

Happy gin-lulled sleep
G xxx


Aye, well. I’ve caught up now, Gus xx.
The Terminator films rock, don’t they?
I’ll have great dreams based on that imagery, I’m sure :wink:
Soo xx