So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Sorry about that.
Yes, they do :wink:


Don’t worry, Gus.
I have the most frightful nightmares, virtually every night. Beta blocker induced, so I may as well have some input other than failed exam’s etc.
Good night, Dears,
Soo xx


Look on the bright side: it would stop the ice melting and diluting the gin.


Ome safe ‘n’ orf to me nest.

Feral is rebootin’ servers and may be some time.


Well who wouldn’t want to sign up…?




Fer Feral

Of course…










Bacon butties?

Wee birdies burn up energy fast so need feeding

Hot buttered crusts (just a simple wholegrain) ready in 10 minutes


DDD caught her foot in her bedding and has a split claw (not sure which was cause and which was effect) so we have to go straight to a vet; luckily the recommended one has an appointment at 11:40 which we can have. I just hope to goodness this won’t mean she ought not to go out for walks, poor little animal! She’d go mad.

Wish us luck.


[pourity] a dish of beer forra Sufferin’ Hound.


I most certainly do! Pore Hound, pore Hoomans, too.

Are you back, yet?

Soo xx


Pore wee DDD. Ouch.


Ouch indeed

I have an slightly poorly big toe this morning, but can sort it out myself

Poor DDD



What’s up with your toe, Carinthia?
Soo xx


Being able to sort it out yourself is beyond a DDD, but I hope yours is as easily done, Carinthia.

We went, and the vet cut off the bit of the nail which had split and then said with relief that it was just the nail and not up into the quick; then she trimmed the rest, all four legs and the dew-claws, and gave the DDD a quick once-over; poor old dog still has a heart-murmur but nothing to worry about, and as the vet said, if we can have a prime minister with a heart-murmur for ten years there is no reason you can’t have a dog with a heart-murmur for another ten years.

So we went off for a walk for three-quarters of an hour, and towards the end of it DDD suddenly gave great leap and a yelp, and stood on three legs holding up – the paw that had been caught in the blanket! Argh! So I rushed over while she whimpered, and checked, and she had got the end of a bit of old holly-leaf caught between the webs of her foot, digging in. So I eased it out carefully and she was fine to walk afterwards, but oh, she is trying to shorten my life…

Wouldn’t it be today that she got a thorn in her foot for the first and I hope the only time while she is here? and wouldn’t it be the same foot?


Ouch again, Fishy

You’ll be grey after today

Mine is a big toe problem. The nail is looking/feeling as though it is starting to grow in


I have applied Tea Tree Oil & will soak it & inspect it later



Of course it would, Fishers. Much relief that the problem was not worse.

Ingrown toenails are very sortable, Carinthia. I hoik my own out - gives me a cold sweat, but I’m a brave bee.

Out to place some flowers on Friend’s grave.

Soo xx


Having to wear compression stockings/flight socks for most of the time doesn’t help

The feet are free today

Gawds… :wink:



Free the Carinthial Tootsies!

Or sunnink.



Sunshine and candles on Horse Chestnut trees made this afternoon’s visit pleasant. I tidied up the plants on R’s grave (so that the only other person who is likely to mark the anniversary might feel less dispirited). Yellow roses were cut and arranged by Mr Bee, as three years of nursing on wards, during my training, has left me with a horror of flower arrangements. No flowers in theatres, thank gawd.

A certain amount of incarceration is essential to their well-being. I have never imagined a time when I might type that statement.

(The postal vote for the injured party’s party hazz been posted, btw.)

Soo xx